HYBRID POWDER BROWS @ Brow Eyed Girl in Summit, NJ!

Somewhere between having Indie & conceiving Stevie, I decided I wanted better looking eyebrows. A few years later… and I finally got ’em!! Come along on this recapped journey with me to delve into the “permanent makeup” process and see the final result!

I began some formal research a few months ago and was thrilled to have found a studio that really seemed to know their stuff. I’m fortunate to have enough of a local following that I actually got several recommendations to check out Brow Eyed Girl, so initially I booked a basic “Groom & Tint” along with an eyelash “Lift & Tint” done by Amanda, one of now three permanent makeup artists on staff. I was HOOKED and absolutely loved the results. I kept up with this every few weeks for several months as a baby step to the “real deal” – but spoiler alert – the baby step wasn’t even necessary because after my very first appointment I told Amanda I wanted my eyebrows to stay like this forever. Here are a few shots of the studio, which is a total vibe:

Fast forward to one week ago – and I was back in Amanda’s chair ready to do some powder brows. A lot of people have asked me this week what the difference is between what I did and “Microblading” – so let me clarify: Although they are both dispensing ink into the top layers of skin, microblading is done with a handheld tool (not electric) and Powder or Nano brows are done with an electric machine that’s similar to what would be used for a traditional tattoo. The tattoo machine is actually less trauma for your skin and produces better pigment retention! Strict powder brows have a shaded appearance (as though you filled them in with makeup) and Nano brows look more like microblading because they are done by creating tiny strokes in the brow to give the illusion of more hair. Upon further assessment, Amanda decided I would be doing a little bit of powder and a little bit of nano – The HYBRID Brow!

I was stoked about this, because of all the work she posts on her Instagram, the Nano brows tend to be my favorite outcome. I love how she is able to look at someone’s skin, face shape, etc. and decide what would be best for them. It’s important to have an artist on your side who will do whatever it takes to get you the results you want, instead of just doing whatever you booked online. Big shoutout to Jenna Long, who was my social media assistant for the day – because she took all the photos you’ll see of me in Amanda’s chair! We started by going over my desired results – which was really a more even, symmetrical, filled-in brow without looking bushy or super dark. Then, she “mapped out” the desired brows with my facial features, using a ruler to make sure everything was symmetrical.

Once we agreed upon the shape, Amanda applied a topical numbing agent. This was clutch because I honestly didn’t feel much of anything while she was working! For those of you who are afraid of pain… you really won’t feel more than a few pricks here and there. Numbing stayed on for 15 minutes, we hung out and talked – and then the real good stuff began! Amanda started with the nano strokes, re-numbing each eyebrow as she was working on the other. Once those “hair strokes” were done, she began the “powder” portion. I could actually feel the difference between the two. When she did hair strokes, I felt next to nothing – but when she did the powder shading, it felt more like a mild rug burn. She did several passes over each eyebrow, pushing more pigment into the skin each time. The entire procedure takes about two hours from start to finish, but after mapping, numbing, etc… the actual tattooing felt like it flew by!

When all is said and done, they’ll look dark – and unfamiliar – and that can definitely be a trippy feeling! But having trust in the process and understanding how the healing works is essential… and I’m happy to dive into that a bit for you! The pigment oxidizes with your skin, diffuses out a bit and overall will lighten up in a few days. You’ll almost definitely develop little teeny tiny scabs beneath the brow, which is normal too! When you first leave the studio, your eyebrows may have a reddish undertone going on – this isn’t the pigment, it’s actually your skin looking red because it’s angry! For me, the redness was 90% gone by day 2, and completely gone by day 3 of the healing process. Here is a before and after from the studio same-day. You’ll notice that reddish undertone, because she had literally just stopped working on them!

Don’t they look amazing, even right then!? I knew they would lighten up so I wasn’t freaked out. After your permanent makeup session, Brow Eyed Girl sends you on your way with a packet complete with aftercare instructions, cleanser, ointment, an applicator, a spoolie to brush through your brows (a spoolie is a mascara wand) and most importantly – disposable visors. It’s important to not get your eyebrows wet for a full 7 days. To clean your face, it’s best to use a makeup remover wipe and avoid contact with your eyebrows. I was impressed with myself, because by day 7 I had only accidentally splashed them once!

Here’s some daily progression. Notice how nicely they lighten and diffuse. By day 6, the edges look significantly more natural and less “crisp” but still retain their beautiful shape:


I am SO happy with this result. The service I had done is $800 and the end results last about 2 years. I go back at the 4 week mark for my touchup, which is $150 and highly suggested for a few reasons – 1. for the longevity of the brows and 2. to “tweak” and really fine-tune the eyebrows. Permanent makeup is a work in progress that you build upon during your touchups, should you decide to have them. My intention is to touch them up every 6(ish) months to really stretch them! I’ve heard some say that theirs last 3 years if you really take care of them. Not having to go and get them done every few weeks is going to be amazing, but more importantly, eyebrows shape your entire face – and rolling out of bed with them perfect has already been a literal dream. This is worth every last penny. Brow Eyed Girl also offers a number of other services (I love my lash lifts!) so even if you’re not ready to take this plunge – do what I did – check out their less permanent options, get to know the girls on the team, enjoy their gorgeous studio…. and if you’re anything like me, you’ll be running back for the real deal. In fact, I’ve got a FUN discount for y’all!!! Brow Eyed Girl is offering 15% off ANY Permanent Makeup Service OR Groom & Tint from now through January 1st, 2024! This is the perfect hint to your loved ones as we’re all trying to figure out unique and exciting holiday gifts. Use the code LIZ15 to book your session – and please note – if the code doesn’t work online, they will honor it at your appointment 🙂

Follow along with me on Instagram @lizeidelman to keep track of how they’re holding up, especially after my December touchup! If you have any questions about what I did or how it’s done – my DM’s are always open! Thank you to Courtney of Brow Eyed Girl, and of course to Amanda the incredible artist who effectively boosted my self confidence by using her precision and talent! Best decision ever!

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