Stevie’s Baptism – 4.30.22

I am thrilled to be sharing the details of Stevie’s Baptism! I’ll start by saying that we aren’t particularly religious people, and Stephen grew up in a non-practicing Jewish household but I am proud to have baptized both of my children into the Catholic church because – especially after the hardships we’ve been though with Indie, we believe it’s important for our girls to have some kind of roots in faith. Personally, I pray during my times of need. And I’m not afraid to thank God when I feel the abundant blessings in my life. I feel strongly that they can (and will ultimately) choose their faith and fall into a natural relationship with religion, and whatever it may end up meaning in their lives is cool by us! I believe we have chosen Godparents for our kids that will really see them and hear them and guide them during their lives’ transitions and this past weekend was a celebration of that for our sweet Stevie Sage. Read on for details about the event, and for a whole gallery of imagery and party-decor inspo!

For Indie, we had chosen my eldest brother Antonio and my cousin Stephanie as Godparents. One is very religious, rooted in his faith, and the other is more loosely tied to faith – a perfect example of someone who leads with kindness, compassion and grace – who stays true to herself and who is an overall great role model. When it came to Stevie’s Godparents, we wanted that same kind of balance – so we chose my youngest brother JP and my soon-to-be Sister In Law, Melanie (otherwise known as Titi Mel). JP is raised Catholic yet I think he understands that a person’s relationship with God is ever-changing and truly a personal journey, with no judgement. He has a heart of gold, and giving him this title in Stevie’s life is an expression of how proud I am of the young man he has become. Melanie is devoutly religious, and is a seasoned pro when it comes to being raised with faith at the root of all things. As we formally welcome her into our family this June, I hope she considered this her “soft-opening” as well as a gesture that shows how glad we are that she is here. She has showed both our girls nothing but the utmost love and respect, and for that, I am extremely grateful and confident in my decision to place her on a pedestal in Stevie’s life.

Before the ceremony, we enjoyed bagels and got Stevie dressed and ready for her big day over at our house. She wore the Lily Christening Gown & Bonnet from Baby Beau & Belle (along with the booties and headband). The quality is unmatched (Indie also wore a gown from Baby Beau & Belle for her baptism) and I think what I love most is how they’ve managed to really modernize the look of these long white gowns with intricate widely-woven lace detailing. Many of the gowns almost have a bit of a boho flair, dare I say? I’m just totally obsessed, and I can’t wait to show her the pictures of this beautiful gown!

Then, we went over to the church for a quick and intimate ceremony where she was the only baby being Baptized. (It’s SO much nicer that way!) Last stop was back at our place for a 40-person reception with our extended family. What an amazing experience it was to be able to host a big soiree in our YARD!!! I hire bartenders and “waitresses” (two of each) to lend a helping hand throughout the day, and I used A Party Pleasing Rental based in East Hanover, NJ for the tent, bar, tables, chairs & linens. We had one side of the tent enclosed so that a local balloon vendor could work their magic on a GORGEOUS sage green and neutral focal display. (Yes, I chose sage as our color and no, I’m not sorry about it!) HopeLyss Romantics did our floral arrangements, which were muted green and white with beautiful sprigs of Eucalyptus throughout, and Splurge Bakery made a stunning green floral tiered cake, with the most delicate miniature pearl cross on the top tier. It was absolute perfection. (Big shoutout to them for the extra sweets that they donated, so that we could try a new line of healthier cakes that they’re currently working on!)

It was the best day – getting together with family, enjoying the most beautiful weather, and showing our new home off to many who hadn’t seen it yet. Best of all worlds. Indie ate nothing but cake, I think our dogs had more scraps in one day than they’ve had in months, and Stevie was a doll both in church and out. And now what you’ve all been scrolling for – the photo gallery! Keep up with us over on my instagram for more of the everyday content!

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