Stevie’s 6 Month Portraits by The Deerwood Co!

I truly cannot believe how half a year has possibly flown by the way that it did…. but here we are celebrating Stevie’s 6 Month milestone with another set of gorgeous portraits by The Deerwood Co! When Indie was 6 months, I did a “Milk Bath” Style photoshoot and so I thought it would be a good idea to do the same for our second sweet girl. She did amazing! She honestly just chilled in the water, as opposed to Indie who was vigorously splashing… but the one thing they both had in common was eating the flowers! Read on for a few extra details and the full gallery!

I’m a sucker for nostalgia so I added a few fun elements to this shoot. First and foremost, I had Stevie wear the flower crown that she wore in her newborn pictures (which Jess also photographed beautifully) – because it’s such a treat to have the side by side comparison of how much she’s grown so far. Then, I put her in one of the outfits that Indie had worn in her half-birthday shoot. It was funny to see how loose the dress was on my more petite second baby! Once again, I love having those side by sides, even though my style has definitely changed and the outfit isn’t my favorite. We had so much fun doing these photos and I’m happy that I jumped in a few shots at the end, too. Happy Half Birthday to the littlest light in my life! We’ve got a few frameworthy shots in this batch!

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