Indie’s Third Bee-Day Party!

I’m so excited to share some images from Indie’s Third Bee-Day! If you haven’t already guessed… our theme this year was “The Queen Bee Is Three!” and everything turned out SO dreamy, especially for being a smaller at-home party. Read on for details on the details, and tons of photos!

Last year we kept things really low key with literally a cake and my immediate family… and this year the holiday Covid surge made it nearly impossible to plan an actual kid’s birthday party in advance. Now that it seems like this virus is here to stay and will likely surge every holiday season, I plan to move onward and upward when it comes to Indie’s birthdays. But this year, however, we once again kept it kind of small which kills me because I just loooove a good party. It turned out really nice, though, and it was easily 15 people greater than the year before which is a step in the right direction. Before I get into the decor details (which is why you’re here let’s be real) – I have to note that we decided to rent the Columbia Inn Pizza Truck and it was FANTASTIC. The truck serves unlimited pizza for an hour and a half right in your driveway. This pizza got in the high 8’s on Dave Portnoy’s Barstool Pizza Review. If you know anything about Portnoy’s reviews….. this is a VERY high score and after eating inside the restaurant earlier this winter, we knew we had to indulge in this as our catering. It also came stocked up with iced tea & lemonade on tap as well as a big cesar salad for the whole crew! The pizzas come out paper thin and piping hot. FANTASTIC idea for party food if you’re here in New Jersey!

In an effort to make our home a little more festive, I hired a local balloon vendor to do a gorgeous big organic garland in neutrals and pale yellow, adorned with pampas grass and some faux daisies. It was BEE-utiful! Splurge Bakery made the cake, which was a simple and sleek double decker, decked out in honeycombs! They also did the cookies this time, which turned out to be a great move because they were as delicious as they were beautiful! We had an assortment of bees, beehives, the number 3, and some white & yellow daisies. I purchased some details from amazon – like a muted yellow toss away tablecloth, natural kraft colored napkins and cups, and some ivory striped drinking straws. I also grabbed a few felt bees that I scattered about the party room, along with honeycomb cereal that looked super cute as “confetti”!

Our invitations were done on paperless post, but I got one single invite printed as a keepsake. Staples makes this super easy! Of course I had to dress the girls in theme, so Indie wore some yellow bells with a “QUEEN BEE” tee and a bumblebee hair bow. Stevie wore a onesie that had honeycombs on it and read “Cute as can BEE” – they looked party perfect! Below you can scroll through all my little detail shots. This is a great example of going “all out” for a party, but keeping it contained at the same time. We didn’t hire any crazy entertainment…. we simply played some jams, had great eats, and plenty of festive decor. The kids played together for hours and our birthday queen was SPENT. That’s a wrap! Coming next to the blog: Indie’s Official Third Birthday Portraits. Stay tuned!

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