Hospital Bag Checklist!

Finally getting around to showing you guys what I packed in my hospital bag ahead of meeting Baby Sis! I want to preface this post by saying that, as someone who prioritizes photos and blogging, I probably pack way more than what’s actually necessary…. so take this all with a grain of salt. The reality is that all your baby really needs is YOU (and an outfit to go home in!). Focus on the essentials for yourself – what will make you comfortable – and the rest will fall into place. It’s amazing how much the hospital actually provides you with… but some people just prefer to have their own “stuff” – and I’m one of those people! I also packed a bag like this when I had Indie and I learned very quickly that NONE OF IT MATTERS. Her birth and NICU stay made all plans go out the window and 90% of my “bag” was literally useless with the exception of a change of clothes. Do not lose sight of this! It’s so important to remember why you’re there: To get baby Earthside safe and sound. The rest is nominal. Read on to check out my full packing list this time around!



  • Three nursing bras – really you probably only need 1, but I plan on laboring in the tub a bit if possible so I packed extra in case they get wet.
  • Robe for Fresh48 photos (I like Milkmaid Goods)
  • Nursing-Friendly nightgown
  • Nursing tank
  • Postpartum joggers (these and the tank are both from Kindred Bravely)
  • Maternity leggings that fold down (I live in Storq)


  • Mini shampoo/conditioner/hairspray/dry shampoo/toothpaste/sanitizer spray/bodywash/mouthwash
  • Travel toothbrush
  • Deodorant
  • Face wipes
  • Toothpick plackers (mostly for Stephen!)
  • I also packed Stephen his own men’s toiletries, very much of the same.
  • A few of my own “diapers” (even though I’ll likely use the hospital ones until I get home)
  • Boob pads
  • Shower cap in the miraculous event my hair stays fresh?
  • Makeup, brush, curling iron (for Fresh48 photoshoot)
  • Hair ties


  • Pedialyte powder (pours directly into water for added electrolytes!)
  • Nuts
  • Protein/Granola Bars
  • Chips & Candy for Stephen


  • Laptop (+ charger)
  • Camera (+ charger)
  • Extension Cord (this one from Amazon holds so many USBs!)
  • Not pictured: Phone charger(s)

That’s all, folks! I’m also bringing along my SnuggleMe Organic Feeding & Support Pillow and a pair of slippers which I’ll pack at the last minute. Otherwise we will make it work with what we’ve got! I know some people bring more clothing for baby, but after having Indie in the NICU… it’s just not something I feel is necessary, honestly. When she was born, she wasn’t even allowed to wear clothes for the first 2 weeks of life! She did a LOT of skin to skin, and lived in swaddles and headbands/hats. I would imagine it’s going to be very much of the same for this sweet babe’s first few hours and days of life. We’ve got all the time in the world to blow through her beautiful wardrobe! What’s one thing you packed in your hospital bag that you felt was essential? And what was something you could live without? For me, it’s the whole “warm fuzzy sock” must-have. I prefer bare feet and slippers, my feet get VERY hot, and I genuinely cannot imagine how women can push a baby out with socks on. It’s true that the hospital rooms are kept quite cold – but I love that! Give me an ice box any day! Socks take a back seat!

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