TWO The Moon! Indie’s 2nd Birthday

I cannot believe that in just a few short days my tiny, brand new baby will be TWO. “The days are long, but the years are short”…. isn’t that the saying? She continues to amaze us in every way. It’s been a unique and challenging year since her first birthday party (which was the last time we really gathered with all our family and friends under one roof) – and the global pandemic has gotten in the way of us having a big birthday bash for her this time around, but I’ll be damned if I let such a special time pass without a little extravagance! Read on for some behind the scenes of our themed birthday photoshoot, and of course, to see the final product! We shot at Grayscale Studios in Hoboken, which is where Stephen and I took our maternity photos! (A little nostalgia never hurt, am I right?) The space really lends it self to the light and airy feel I had been going for. Indie Bee Balloons came and worked her magic, creating this gorgeous neutral galaxy installation to fit our theme… and my friend Belina of Two Sweet Bake Shop took my cake vision and literally replicated it to a tee on her first try. What an amazing feeling working with such talented women to make my vision come to life. Speaking of – we can’t forget about Lauren Anzevino, who managed to wrangle and shoot this WILD WOMAN of mine. She was all over the place. Mom was flustered. Dad was rolling with the punches. Lauren was her usual… on point and getting the shots that seem truly impossible to get. Indie wore a tulle dress (and if you look closely there are stars and moons on it!) – and we paired it with some galaxy hair clips and tan chuck taylors because she’s just the coolest. She was not interested in smashing the cake, which turned out to be a blessing because we got to eat a ton of it when we got home. I’ve spent so much of this week looking back on those early days of March 2019. What a rough road we had ahead of us right after Indie came into the world. And to see her now… if I had told myself then to just trust the process, I promise you I wouldn’t have believed that we’d be right here where we are with a medically complex child. Let’s go TWO The Moon, baby girl. There’s so much out there for you to explore – and you are tirelessly and fiercely loved through every moment of your incredible life. Follow us on Instagram to keep up with our day-to-day, and for some more birthday content coming in the next few days!

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