Halloween 2020 is DINO-mite!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!! I’ve always loved dressing up for this holiday… maybe it was my entire youth and young adult life spent as a “theatre kid” but I get all sorts of giddy when October rolls around, and having a child only makes it more fun and more exciting! Last year we went with a woodland theme – foxes – which you can find by clicking here. This year, Indie was the only one to transform into a special, prehistoric creature. Scroll through to see a visual story of a park ranger becoming best friends with the cutest little dinosaur you ever did see! My “costume” was simple – neutral colors, a utility vest courtesy of amazon, and a cheap costume ranger hat… all topped off with some kids size binoculars, so that Indie can play with them after I’m done! Her costume last year included a Native Fable bonnet and I knew I wanted to do the same this year. I actually used her fox bonnet as a winter hat and I intend to use the dinosaur the same way! To complete the costume, I started with some amazon tie-dye PJ pants and slippers from the boys’ section at carters. Then I took to Etsy for the finishing touches! I found the cutest shop called DinoPartyAndCo where I designed a custom tee/tutu/tail set in midnight blue with mint spikes to match the bonnet! Then we headed to the same spot where we photographed our costumes last year – the Watchung Reservation here in New Jersey – and we were joined by Jenna Bengivenga who took some really fun photos for us! I’m honestly shocked we got as much content as we did. Last year was easy-peasy before Indie was walking (i.e. RUNNING) all over the place. And next year I bet she’ll be SUPER into dressing up and showing off her costume… but we stuck it out at 19 months, getting as much footage as we can while this dinosaur roamed all over the woods doing whatever she pleased! However you are celebrating this year (unprecedented times, amirite?) I hope you and the kiddos in your life get to enjoy costumes, candy, and a whole lot of magic! Follow along on Instagram to stay in our silly, busy loop!

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