back to blogging! my spring collab with letote, and why it fits into my lifestyle!

i’m baaaaack! i’ve taken quite the blogging hiatus since becoming a mom. your every waking moment is spent focused on this tiny person (and most of your moments are, unfortunately “waking” moments!) so thanks to all my consistent readers for bearing with me while i focused on family! indie will be three months old on saturday, and we’re finally in more of a manageable routine. we get out a bunch, we’re enjoying the weather, and i’m having a much easier time navigating life with a little sidekick. read on for my first post in months! 

since i’m nowhere near back to my pre-baby body, looking stylish this spring & summer is going to take a bit of creativity and a whole lot of patience…. so i’ve enlisted the help of my friends at letote to provide me with a few months of statement pieces, no strings attached! rent, wear, and return… but only if you want! i love that i have the ability to purchase any of the pieces that i receive. if you’ve been following me for a while now, you may remember my appearance on the rachael ray show back in october! i actually gave letote a “test drive” on the show, but i was checking out their maternity subscription… so i’m thrilled to be circling back around to their standard selections!

pictured below is each piece from two months worth of totes. i focused on pieces i could layer with the clothes i already have – so i selected a kimono per tote (2 total), a black floral embroidered loose fitting blazer, a blue hooded vest, and a blue tie-front shrug. with the remaining selections, i took risks and ordered pieces i weren’t sure would fit – but surprisingly everything looked great! a denim wrap skirt was exactly what i needed this spring…. and the purple maxi skirt was just as nice.

my favorite pieces were the kimonos, for sure. close second was the denim wrap skirt, because of the elastic waistband which is a new mom’s DREAM! i’m excited to select my third and final tote for this collaboration and i’ll be circling back on instagram once those pieces have arrived! you can get 15% off of your first tote if you decide to try out this service by using the code ‘LIZ15’ at checkout. if you’re body is undergoing changes like mine is… this is the best way to experiment with size and silhouette without having to fully commit. if you’ve got a vacation coming up that you’re itching to wear some new frocks for… or even if you’re starting a new job and want to explore the office environment before you buy a whole new work wardrobe – there are so many uses for a subscription like letote, and i’m so glad i’ve added it into my rotation this season!

ps: this short & sweet blog post took me over an hour to write… new mom life is no joke!

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