she is a wildflower: baby e.’s nursery reveal!

this is easily my favorite blog post that i’ve EVER written!!!! i don’t think i realized how long i’ve been waiting for this moment, but decorating my baby girl’s nursery and bringing a vision to life has made me so happy, proud and excited. read on to hear about my inspiration, the products i went with to create her aesthetic, and of course to see wall-to-wall footage of my little lady’s earthy oasis!

creating this space meant straddling so many lines. i didn’t want this to look like a traditional “baby room”. i wanted it to fit in with the rest of my house, which has a modern farmhouse, borderline-rustic vibe. however…. it IS a baby room, and i didn’t want to rob my daughter of a space that felt dreamy. then there’s the pink thing again…. i hate it!!!! you can throw purple in there, too! the throwup of pastels and ruffles and bows that society is told they need to use when decorating their baby girl rooms really gets on my last nerve. however… i didn’t want her room to feel “gender neutral” either. i wanted it to feel feminine, so i wound up creating an earthy, woodland nature-themed space chock full of flowers, animals and natural woven textures that’s dripping in girl vibes.

i came this close to working with interior designers on decorating this space, and i think that would have been a totally awesome experience, but in hindsight i’m so glad i opted to do this on my own because every single piece (down to the figurines on the shelves) was placed with aesthetic intention and loads of love. i started with a neutral-toned floral wallpaper from anthropologie that has pops of metallic. i had seen this exact wallpaper in an instagram photo and fell in LOVE, but it wasn’t tagged… so i began searching ruthlessly using my knowledge of what stores would carry this style, what adjectives best describe it, etc…. and soon enough i found the exact wallpaper i was looking for and sealed the deal. the rest of the room came together around this statement wall.

when it came to furniture, i did choose pieces that would work if we have a boy next. i fell in love with the babyletto “lolly” collection, and i was elated to learn that crate & barrel carried an exclusive all-wood version of their “lolly” crib (which is usually a wood/white combo, to match the dresser exactly). i’m anti “matchy-matchy” sets for the most part, so this was a great middle ground. i wound up getting the dresser from pottery barn kids even though they are both from the “lolly” collection. the glider is the “kiwi” chair by babyletto… same brand for aesthetic consistency! this chair is great because it has a high back for my tall hubby and a USB charging port for blogger-mommy! it’s a completely electric recliner that also glides & swivels in every direction… and the electronic aspect is insanely quiet so you won’t wake baby while she’s sleeping. i could not recommend that chair more. the only thing you’d have to remember is that because it reclines almost completely, you can’t put it flush up against the wall – there needs to be a bit of space for movement!

i added additional decor with birch tree branch shelving from pbkids, a woven area rug, natural baskets (for toys on toys on toys!) a macrame ottoman from world market, and one of my favorite statement pieces to go with the theme: a quirky side table with bird legs! this is where i began tying in lots of animals. baby girl has a piggy bank, a silver rabbit, countless llamas, sloths, an elephant book end, and two art prints from indigo (not linked below) – a giraffe and a cheetah… both sporting ethereal flower crowns! (note: they come without frames, so i got some matching wooden ones at my local home goods and completed the project myself!)

speaking of projects…. i’d be crazy not to mention some of the things in this room that i made with my own two hands! if you’ve been following my blog for some time now, you know i’ve collaborated with AR Workshop in westfield, nj on multiple occasions. this d.i.y studio is so much fun, and you always come out the other end of your class with a totally usable piece of decor. in the case of this nursery, i knit the chunky blanket that’s draped over baby’s glider… and i also created the framed wooden artwork hanging on the statement wall above her crib! it reads: “in a field of roses… she is a wildflower” i love this phrase, it ties in with the room’s theme (and the wall of wildflowers behind it), and hopefully it will stand as a constant reminder to her that being unique and authentic is something to take immense pride in. it means so much to me that i created this art with my baby girl in mind. i really hope she likes it.

a few other odds & ends worth noting in her room: a letterboard, a freestanding planter, grey & ivory bedding (crib bumper for show only as these are deemed unsafe to actually use while baby is sleeping in a crib!) – and i can’t leave out one of my favorite etsy purchases of all time: a metallic mobile that gets SO many compliments already! (shop all of these and more through my rewardstyle account, linked at the end of this post!)

outside of the physical nursery, i’m so excited to try the monte designs rockwell bassinet which will “live” right next to our bed (pictured at the bottom of this post)! baby girl will spend the first few months in our bedroom with us, and this piece is a beautiful addition to our master suite… instead of something that blatantly looks like baby gear, which is what i’ve been trying to avoid. thank you to monte designs for sponsoring a portion of this piece… being able to add this to our room is such a treat, and i’m so excited to use it! now if only baby girl would get here!

so there you have it – an earthy nursery fit for a tiny queen… without all the pinky princess pastels! i’m so proud of this space. it’s beautiful, tranquil, feminine and fun. i hope she grows to love it as much as i do… and i cannot wait to spend my days with her in an environment that gives me all of the feels. in a tip of my hat to marie kondo… every single solitary piece in this room (no matter how small) truly sparks joy within me and i hope that the design and decor inspires my readers to think outside the box when it comes to their childrens’ spaces! follow along on instagram for more details as i begin to share these nursery photos one by one!

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6 thoughts on “she is a wildflower: baby e.’s nursery reveal!

  1. UGH! i can’t even deal. This is so beautiful, it honestly looks like a store room layout! The colors and accessories all go together so well. i find it very feminine without being too “Girly”….I love the animal prints with the flower crowns, and that bassinet is to DIE for! let the countdown commence to baby girls arrival!

    1. Thank you! I wish I could answer, but it’s the same paint that was here when we moved in. So sorry!

    1. Hi Jaci! I actually made those myself. I took a class at AR workshop in Westfield New Jersey. AR workshop has locations all over the United States. If you read the blog post closely, I talk in detail about what pieces in the room I made myself… All of them come from AR workshop. It’s a very fun and sentimental way to decorate!

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