the home stretch: transitional winter maternity faves

oh em geeee you guys…. it’s been over a month since my last (physical) blog post. i wish i could chalk it up to all things pregnancy related, but i think i’ve just been slacking, if i’m being honest. it’s a wonky time to blog, because so many women will benefit from hearing about maternity clothes (if not now, then eventually!) but so many of my existing followers are probably not on the same page, so i’ve been keeping the maternity fashion to instagram and only going into great detail when i feel it’s really necessary. in this entry, i’m killing three birds with one stone, discussing a few of my recent favorite pieces that i’ve added to my mom-to-be wardrobe!

i’m well into my third trimester now and the finish line is in sight so i’m starting to think about buying pieces that will transition into motherhood with me. for christmas, i received the spanx ‘mama’ faux leather maternity leggings that i’m wearing in two out of the three looks in this blog post. they’re amazing, because the maternity band is super flexible, allowing you to roll it down when you no longer need it embracing the bump! these will be GREAT during my early mom months… they elevate the look of any outfit (over regular cotton leggings) and from what i’ve heard, the support of a maternity band is still very much needed and welcome during the early postpartum phase…. so i’ll be getting plenty of use out of these bad boys until late spring rolls around!

in the first look, i paired the leggings with a (non-maternity!) poncho by aqua, a bloomingdales exclusive. this is another piece that i can wear into the spring – it’s forgiving, it’s loose, it’s comfortable, and it “hides the junk” on those days that i’m going to want to feel potato sack-ish. since these are both very basic staple pieces, i amplified the outfit with a western inspired statement crossbody bag! i thought about linking you guys to something similar, but in reality… this bag is so specific and SUCH a good price so you can find it here: catchfly ‘laramie’ leather crossbody bag with feather detail

i bought this bag while i was in nashville and believe it or not, the day i shot this look was the first time i actually wore it. it got so many compliments, and it looks way more expensive than it acutally is!

the hikers are from cole haan and are incredibly comfortable (which is an essential right now). if i even told you guys the saga i’ve been through to try and find even a DECENT shoe for my baby shower…. it would drive you up a wall!!! the pregnancy “swell” has been no joke, and i don’t even have a particularly bad case of it…. so i seriously feel for kim kardashian now that i have an idea of what she went through when she carried north!!!!

the second look is basically another variation of the first, which i love doing because it goes to show you how drastically different you can look just by changing up the top half of your outfit! my floral top is marketed “for nine months and beyond” and it’s a nursing top, with hidden panels meant for breastfeeding! clutch! i paired it with an anthropologie ear warmer (similar styles linked) to give this outfit a boho edge.

last but not least, speaking of nursing panels…. how stunning is this black glitzy dress!? also marketed “for nine months and beyond”… this midi-length cocktail dress is forgiving in all the right places (hello bell sleeves!) and ties/unties at the waist to reveal the exact same breastfeeding panels as the top above it! it has me thinking about the wedding i’m a part of coming up at the end of july. ideally, i’ll still be breastfeeding at that point. it’s going to be the first weekend we leave the baby with my parents (which is already giving me anxiety!!!!) and i think this dress will be PERFECT to wear to the rehearsal dinner! it’ll make ducking out to pump just a teeny bit more glamorous, don’t you think?

you can shop all of these looks through the direct links below and feel free to DM me on instagram with any questions or insight you may have on transitioning maternity wear into new-mom-life! i’m learning as i go, and having a blast in the process!

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