baby gear 101: my experience working with babynav maternity concierge service!

i’m officially halfway through my pregnancy (woah!!!) and you know what that means…. it’s registry time!!! but as a first time mom, where do you even start?! ok, so there are the no-brainers: i need a crib. and a stroller. and bottles. and diapers. but what about everything else? what’s a worthy investment and what’s total nonsense? read on to learn my thoughts after a two hour consultation with julie mccaffrey, THE baby gear expert!

julie started babynav after 10 years in the corporate world and 3 years as a working mom. this maternity concierge service caters to the tri-state-area and los angeles (in-person) but also provides virtual assistance to new moms anywhere in the united states! she offers baby gear consultations, registry management, nursery & home prep… even complete baby start to finish planning – and this woman legitimately knows everything about anything that is even remotely baby related.

i opted to do a baby gear consultation, because without knowing what’s on the market right now, it was important for me to hear an unbiased (yet extremely educated) opinion on the products i had been eyeing – and maybe even learn about some new products out there! julie arrived with some fun samples (pictured below) and a few demo products. at the very start of our two hour session, she provided me with an expecting parent guide, a baby gear must-have checklist for registry prep, and even a list of questions to ask prospective pediatricians. by the time she left, i finally felt “ready” to begin a registry (which i’ll be sharing in a later blog post once it’s complete!).

before i get into the nitty gritty, i want to say that the best part about the babynav service is the fact that they’re not trying to “sell” you anything. not once did i feel pressured to go in a certain direction – and julie fully understands that everyone’s parenting styles are different! think of it like a wedding planner – someone who excels at planning the wedding of YOUR dreams, regardless of whether or not THEY love the decor. if a product seemed out of budget or not aesthetically aligned with my vision…. julie was able to pivot without the slightest flinch to something that would be more ‘my speed’. how she keeps all this knowledge in her brain is beyond me…. but WOW is babynav a useful resource for a clueless first time mom like me!!!

without turning this into a two hour blog post recap, i will give you guys a few stand out highlights from my appointment with babynav. first and foremost, we were on the same page when it came to strollers. i’m leaning towards the uppa baby vista, and julie confirmed that this is one of her favorites – and gave me two more comparable styles so that i can ensure i do all the research before settling on one. we differed in opinion on the carseat, as i want to stick with uppa baby exclusively. (OCD, much?) while this is still “up there” on her list, it’s not the #1 choice for someone as petite as me because it can be a little harder to maneuver. that being said – there is no stroller adapter needed (…. didn’t even know adapters existed) and i learned the importance of a carseat having a european belt path (which it does)…. so the uppa baby mesa carseat wins out by a hair.

one of the products i’m really excited for is the ubbi diaper pail. julie taught me that unlike a diaper genie which is made of plastic, this pail is made of powder coated steel to achieve maximum odor control! the thing with the diaper genie is that no matter how clean you keep it, the plastic WILL eventually start to smell. i had no idea anything like this even existed on the market, and i will for sure be adding it to my registry because it’s also sleek and aesthetically pleasing!

i have a love-hate relationship with highchairs, and it had really been plaguing me most until i had my appointment with julie. all the options i see online and in-store are big bulky obnoxious pieces of plastic. my babynav consultation gave me two incredible options that are made of wood, both convertible into a ‘big kid’ chair, and can stay out and seated at our (farmhouse style) dining table without looking like a total eyesore. what’s impressive about this is the fact that julie took one look at the aesthetic around my house and instantly knew what to recommend for me. it’s as if she read my mind! the highchairs i’m currently eyeing: the oxo tot sprout and the stokke tripp trapp.

from this consultation, i also learned about the easiest grooming products to use, the importance of easy-close swaddles, and which bottles were easiest to clean. (i’m going with the ola baby bottles, because they resemble an actual nipple and there are only 2 parts to clean as opposed to 4 or 5… something i would have never even thought about if it weren’t for this incredible service.

overall, if you’re a first time mom (or even a second time mom who really wants to make her life easier this time around)… this service is FOR YOU. i can’t stress enough how it gave me the confidence to begin a registry. what’s funny is, i have no issue asking for gifts (major LOLs to that!) but for many weeks now i’ve felt both stifled and overwhelmed by the endless number of products on the market. having someone there to guide me as i narrowed down the best choices for my lifestyle was a complete godsend. to book a free 30 minute phone call (or the two hour baby gear consultation) click HERE.

huge thank you’s and hugs to sweet and savvy julie mccaffrey! i can’t wait to finish off my registry for baby girl. mom’s: what are some of your favorite baby products on the market right now – and why? is there anything you registered for that you felt you didn’t really need? follow along on instagram to stay looped in to all the baby happenings (and happenings in general!).

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