fall hair: ammonia-free dye courtesy of northern lights salon!

if you regularly follow indigo heights, you know that i love featuring salons and beauty collabs. when i moved out to new jersey, i almost immediately began the hunt for new beauty partnerships, and i’m thrilled to have found a local spot to love on: northern lights salon in clark, nj. read on for my whole experience visiting them for the first time!

at the advice of my ‘hair regular’ and good pal gina ribando, i reached out to owners ashley & tina to tell them about myself and find out more about their salon! gina is a l’oreal professionel educator and has taught at this salon several times, so i take her word for it when she says they’re well equipped with a friendly and talented staff. being pregnant herself, one of the owners ashley was able to tell me about the ammonia-free dye that they use and book me with maria lucci, one of their newer stylists who deserves all the exposure! it had been a long time since i’d done anything with my hair. in fact, i was due to get my hair done right around the time i found out i was pregnant!!! but being in my first trimester, i wanted to wait until i was in the “safety zone” before i really did anything to my hair.

but now that i’m 17 weeks along, the grays were coming in hot and the prenatals were really kicking in because my hair was crazy long!!! hello split ends…. it’s about time i got rid of you. the salon is only about 15 minutes from my house. it’s bigger than you’d think when looking at it from the outside! the decor is nice and sleek, using their wall of products as a focal wall – and all of their hair dyes as a second focal wall in back. exposed beams line the ceiling, which is a nice aesthetic touch.

maria started by darkening my roots, and then a glaze was put over the rest of my head to make everything shiny and rich. then she trimmed about 2.5 inches off my ends and reinstated some of my layers, which had long grown out. i told her that my biggest concern was how flat my hair had become on top, and she nailed it when it came to adding in some serious volume! then after a solid blowout, she styled in waves with a wand – which believe it or not is something that i always feel i do better on my own (call me picky i guess?) … but maria NAILED this, which is the ‘hard part’ when it comes to pleasing me!!!

overall i had a fantastic experience at northern lights salon. sure, it was an easy job and there wan’t much you could really mess up – but i had a confident and pleasant experience and i’m already looking forward to going back. after baby arrives, i’ll have maria do something a little more exciting – but until then, steering clear of the bleach for now! if you’re local to my area, i’ve got some awesome referral cards to give out – follow along on instagram and send me a DM to claim!


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