vital tips: my go-to nail salon!

moving to new jersey brought about a whole slew of changes for me – most of them positive – and while it seems like a “first world problem”… finding a new nail salon was high on my list of priorities. i had a “regular” place in the area since i had grown up here, but it paled in comparison to my brooklyn hot spots: so when we settled into our new home, i made it a point not to settle when it came to self-care… and that’s when i found vital tips salon in summit, new jersey! 

back in brooklyn i had a place that would give me any design i wanted. they specialized in nail arts, chrome, studs, flowers… you name it, they had it. they also used ‘calgel’ which in my opinion was better than regular gel. vital tips is similar in that they use SNS, which are non-toxic and all natural dipping powders! they last up to 3 weeks and they make your nails hard and sturdy! my nails constantly chip (even with gels) and especially now that i’m pregnant, having a chemical-free alternative is key. and did i mention they have all the same nail art capabilities as my last hot spot!?

inside the salon it’s new and fresh. everything is clean, and the employees are so friendly. after one appointment they remember you by name! it feels like you’re walking in to chat with some of your girlfriends… so i always look forward to going there each month.

on the day of my collaboration i did an SNS manicure and a gel pedi. now two weeks later, my pedi is STILL IN TACT!!!! i never have that luck with regular polish, so i think i’m going to have to start splurging for gel on my toes (at least in the summertime when i’ll be in the sand). my pedicure was infused with lavender, activated charcoal, and finished off with collagen “socks” that left my feet feeling super soft when i left. if you live in the area, you need to check this place out! they had their grand opening just a few months ago and their business is really starting to boom.

now that i’ve lived here for 6 months, i’ve found it to be so much fun to actually be able to recommend local places that i’ve grown to love! follow along on instagram for more new jersey hot spots and fall (maternity!) fashion which has already started ramping up!


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