say cheese! how the caripro electronic toothbrush is switching up my daily routine!

i’m so excited to be partnering with smile brilliant for the second time! i spend so much time talking about how to look your best in what you wear and how you style yourself, but the truth is – personal hygiene is the first vital step towards looking and feeling amazing… so today i’m reviewing their brand new caripro electric toothbrush!  

this brush has 5 different ‘brushing modes’ which allows you to control your oral hygiene experience on a daily basis! whether you’re choosing to focus on whitening, massaging, gum care, or even catering to sensitivity… smile brilliant has got you covered! personally, i’ve been experiencing some major sensitivity on my top back righthand side. it even drove me to the dentist, who prescribed me a special toothpaste… so it was a no-brainer when choosing my favorite ‘mode’ –  definitely going with the sensitive mode right now! as this condition improves, i’m sure my preference will switch to the whitening mode – because who doesn’t love a glistening smile?!

this toothbrush makes sure you’re brushing long enough, too…. going for two whole minutes with brief pauses after each 30 second ‘burst’. the pause is to let you know that it’s time to move to the next section of your mouth! did you know that we all unintentionally “favor” a certain side? if you’re a leftie (like me)… your right side gets brushed way better than your left (and vice versa)! i love how this product gets the job done while acting as your daily reminder!

personally, i have never used an electronic toothbrush before! call me old-school! but i will say this has converted me 100%. i also have to add that this product comes with two brush heads – which means me and my husband can both use it! my only request: the brush heads look exactly the same! if one was a different color, we’d be able to keep better track of “who’s is who’s”. overall, the body of this brush is nice and sleek and looks great on our sink top!

i know you’re itching to check this product out… so guess what!? along with the amazing team at smile brilliant, i’m offering my followers 50% off their own caripro electric toothbrush using the code: indigoheights50!!!!

if you’re still on the fence, you can read more about smile brilliant and the caripro toothbrush by heading over to their FAQ page! stay in the loop by following me on instagram – and don’t forget – a smile is your best accessory!

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