i pine for vine ripe! a tour through my favorite local artisanal market

i know it’s been weeks since my last full-length blog post! i’ve been milking every ounce of fun & sun out of this summer…. and the experiences are what make the content so can you really blame me?! but today i’m excited to be sharing a post that’s spreading serious local love for all my new jersey folk: i’m here to talk about vine ripe markets in westfield, new jersey… my new go-to spot for artisanal food and ready made meals. read on for info on their ‘dinner for four’ and some photos that’ll give you a tour through this super cute space! 

sure, by now i’ve got my grocery routine down to a science since moving to the suburbs but every now and then i yearn for something extra – and by extra i mean “food i don’t have to cook myself”. the hubby and i have been trying to be a bit more thoughtful when it comes to what we’re feeding our bodies, so when i found out about vine ripe’s ‘dinner for four’ for $29.99,  i knew it was something that i had to try. this place is seriously cute. from the string lights and colorful umbrellas that line the exterior to their freshly picked fruits & veggies, you really feel at-home when you shop here.

unlike being in a chain grocery store, vine ripe markets allows you to put all the thought and love into your food – without the extra work and time that it would take to make from-scratch meals on the daily…. because who really has the time for that?! whether it be pizza dough, pasta sauce (pesto… vodka… marinara… you name it) or even pre-seasoned fresh proteins & fish – the food here comes either ready-made OR ready for you to make it and that’s why i fell in love – because i have complete control over how i want my meals and i’m given a helping hand in the process.

but on this particular day, i took home ready-made dinner and we shared it with two friends of ours. we were floored by the portions!!! we ordered chicken parmigiana, penne vodka, green beans with almonds, and a side salad. we had leftovers of everything except for the chicken! they even give you a fresh baguette to go along with your meal. the food is cooked to order, and is served to you in oven-safe tins for reheating. it was the easiest, most delicious home-cooked dinner without the work! their take away menu is extensive, and something we’re definitely going to be adding into our routine more often.

if you’re local to the area, give this place a try! walking up and down the aisles you’d be shocked at all of the interesting food options you’ll find that you might not see in a traditional grocery store. it’s “take out for people who hate take out” and that’s something that our area has been seriously lacking! i’m super impressed with vine ripe for flying under the radar all this time… but i’m also excited to be spreading the good word! have you tried this place before? will you be adding this dinner option to your rotation in the near future? i’d love to hear your thoughts on artisanal grocery shopping and what you always have to have in your shopping cart! happy monday, friends! follow along on instagram to stay looped in to my summer shenanigans!

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