swinging into summer with LOFT!

if any of you have been following along on my insta-stories, you’ve noticed that i completely stopped posting about my jamaica ‘fitness journey ….. because i have honestly (no b.s.) been the worst about followthrough over the last month and a half. maybe i had too much going on – between my anniversary, birthday, housewarming parties…. there was always reason for me to eat horribly, and even when there wasn’t reason, there i was with the “oh well” mentality. cut to me needing flowy, forgiving frocks to enhance (… not conceal!!!) the extra fluff that i’m rocking this summer. that’s why i was so excited to find this swing dress from loft, which comes in so many different patterns, in regular AND petite sizing! 

this dress has ruched sleeves which is super flattering on the arm. and regarding the A-Line silhouette… unlike empire waist, it doesn’t give you the “is she or is she NOT pregnant?” figure. when you’re 5’4 or under and you shop in the petite section, you notice that not only the length of pants and sleeves get shorter, but the torso of garments also makes more sense on a smaller frame! this dress would no joke look like a potato sack on me if it weren’t for the length and shape of the torso… so hats off to LOFT for inclusive sizing and tons of options!

this dress is on sale now, and the super slinky fabric makes it the perfect addition to your next vacation. to complete the look, i went with a pair of white ‘fan’ earrings. unlike tassels, these statement earrings stay closer to the ear while still packing a punch. the dress itself is busy enough, i didn’t need any additional fabric dangling down by my shoulders! i also opted to wear this dress with perforated white platform loafers from ‘nine west’. i’ll be honest with you – i wish these shoes were more comfortable, which is going to kill any potential sale i would have made on rewardstyle. that being said, i just can’t lie to y’all. they are also on sale, so it’s worth a shot…. and keep in mind that i have TONS of foot problems to begin with. plantar fascitis, heel spurs, lymph damage…. my feet are kind of a disaster… but these shoes are deceiving in how comfy they look. if you snag these and wind up having a different experience, i want to hear all about it! nine west usually does the trick for me and i LOVE the brand aesthetic, so i’m chalking it up to a design that just didn’t gel with my busted foot. (ha!)

regardless of how the feet feel, from the ankles up, i’m always trying to be as cheery as possible – even when i’m pushing goals aside and coasting for a little bit – so finding a dress that matches the sunny disposition i’m trying to keep up this summer was a total WIN. did you get this dress in a different pattern? message me on instagram to show me how you style this bad boy!


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