cozy & chic: how drawstring pants make the perfect summer dress alternative

ahhhh, summer…. sunshine, ruffles, light colors, exposed legs, skirts that blow in the breeze at the jersey shore… all things i look forward to without fail as the seasons change: but let’s be honest here – with summer heat also comes summer sweat… “chub rub”… and the occasional yet overwhelming desire to WEAR PANTS. and guess what? that’s totally, 100% doable. read on to discover an affordable evening pant look that is absolute summer perfection! i had traveled down to newark, delaware to watch my “baby” brother graduate from college. it was HOT. we were attending a dinner hosted by his fraternity, and needed to look dressy… so i packed these wide leg floral drawstring pants by b.p. that i found at nordstrom! paired with an off-the-shoulder ruffle top and some mules, it was the most effortless look, and i totally could have done it with flats to take the comfort factor up a notch.

the key to styling pants for summer is mobility. can you do a full lunge? does the wind get caught up inside them? if so… you’re doing it right. wide leg pants have made quite the fashion comeback, and when they’re made with material that breathes, you don’t feel weighed down by the extra fabric.

silks, linens, and cotton blends are my favorites when looking for summer pants. i’m only five feet tall, so hemming is usually a given. part of what makes this pair so great is that they were actually ankle-cropped… which for me translated to full length! no hem necessary! so for my short girls, this specific pair is most definitely worth your while.

you can shop this entire look linked below, and DM me when you opt to rock pants this summer! i promise, you won’t be hot!!!! give it a try – and follow along on instagram for more looks just like this one!


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