the brunch files: SNACKMRKT, ontario, canada

this post is LONG overdue but i promise it’s worth the wait! a few weeks ago i went to my soon-to-be cousin’s bridal shower in ontario, canada. it was a short but sweet trip, where i caught up with family i hadn’t seen in years – and it made me even more excited for the actual wedding, which is in jamaica (!!!!!!!!!) in just a few short months. while i was there i had to get in some blogging, and that’s where snackmrkt comes in!

my mom, aunt and i flew out on a saturday morning. the shower was sunday, and in the blink of an eye, mom and i were en route back to the nyc area by monday morning…. but i think i might have been a travel agent in my last life, because i scheduled myself solid for the entirety of my free time! i did a little research about the area my family lives in, and realized that the city of newmarket, ontario has a small yet budding ‘downtown’ area that i could not resist checking out! so after landing at the airport and settling in, mom and i hit the town for some shopping, strolling, and of course – eating.

snackmrkt is a super funky snack oasis that serves up snazzy cocktails and small plates that are shareable. this lets you try so many things, which has quickly become my favorite way of eating. think tapas-style! this restaurant has an interior that’s decked out in faux-moss accents, string lights, neon signs and lots of color (right up my alley!)… but the best part is the outdoor patio, which overlooks a small body of water and makes for some epic natural light. we had gorgeous weather, so we opted to eat outside. and did i mention there’s an oversized swing in the entryway? this is basically a foodie playground, and the minute i saw their website i knew i HAD to go.

because of all the different small plates on the menu, i had the hardest time choosing what i wanted so i started by loosening up with a spicy margarita. once i got rid of my good judgement, i finally “settled” on an obscene amount of food. side note – my mom doesn’t eat ANY of the stuff i like, so she had her own meal (the ‘olympus’… a grilled pita wrap chock full of roasted spiced chickpeas. she loved it, and it photographed beautifully!)

as for me….. well you can definitely say i had a cheat meal!!! i tried tandoori spiced sweet potato fries that came with a baked harissa feta dip. now mind you – i don’t even like sweet potatoes… but i’m an absolute fiend for tandoori seasoning and feta is one of my favorite cheeses, so at the recommendation of my waitress, i decided to go for it – and WOW. i am amazed at how amazing these were!!!! then i tried the baked gnocchi which came in a chimmichurri cream sauce (!!!), some gochujang korean-style meatballs, and one chicken taco to top things off. everything was incredible, and my leftovers came in handy…. i ate the three remaining meatballs for ‘breakfast’ before the bridal shower on sunday and the gnocchi for ‘dinner’ after the shower! (so unnecessary, but you know what they say – vacation calories don’t count right?)

on that note….. it’s not a trip to snackmrkt without SNACKS, so i made sure to save a little room for DIY peanut butter & jelly s’mores!!!!!!! it was so fun to ‘create’ my desert but even more fun eating it! many thank you’s to the team at snackmrkt for welcoming this new york foodie into your home. i had a blast and i’m so glad i got to experience something new while on my short but sweet trip to canada! i’ll definitely be back, and if any of my followers are in the toronto area – even for a visit – check out snackmrkt for a dope meal! it’ll easily be the most instagrammable restaurant you’ll find! and keep up with me on instagram for more hotspots like this one!

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