texture takeover!

if you follow my blog actively, you know that i LOVE playing with texture as a way to spice things up. when i first started blogging, i tried to wear bright, bold colors all the time and find the most funky walls to photograph in front of – and don’t get me wrong, i still tend to do that, but it’s simply not sustainable for everyday life, and my blog started feeling less authentic than i’d want it to. the more fashionistas i met, the more i realized that color – while important to me – is not necessarily all that makes an outfit stand out. today i’m featuring a really fun smock dress from target that i think checks all the boxes for unique, stand-out spring fashion. read on to hear my thoughts!

this dress is super breathable, 100% cotton, and silhouette always comes first, so the side-tie highlighting the tiniest part of my waist was a no-brainer when purchasing. because it’s cotton, even the “solid” parts of the dress have texture in them – i love how earthy it is. you can see each grain of thread! the stripes are all unique with their own patterns and it pulls together to make a fun frock for spring. it looks great worn as a tunic with some leggings, but i loved wearing this to the beach at long branch on our first 90 degree day. (yes, we skipped spring altogether here in the tri-state-area… or so it seems!)

to keep with the texture trend, i paired this with a snakeskin clutch from stella & dot in some creamy neutrals, and some denim chambray slides (also from target!). i love the bow detail on the top. super feminine and comfortable! this casual look was so easy to wear on the boardwalk. long branch is a very hip area, with beautiful restaurants, views, a great beach, and even greater boutiques – so every time i go there i try to dress for the occasion, packing my bathing suit in a separate bag. this outfit was perfect for a solo beach day.

what are some ways you like playing with texture? and what’s the verdict on my snakeskin clutch? too risky – or would you do it with this look? i think it paired up really cool, and at first, i wasn’t so sure! keep up with me on instagram for more posts like this one – and happy weekend!


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