‘we just gel’ – my love affair with viicode oxygen eye masks!

yes, moving was an epic chore. and yes, it left me completely exhausted. granted, this is mostly my fault because i just needed to furnish everything immediately! but nevertheless, i came down with a nasty stomach bug last week and i’ve generally been feeling (and looking) pretty run down. my collaboration with viicode skincare came at just the right time! read on to hear about the latest beauty hack that i’m obsessed with!

my italian genes have #blessed me with genetic dark circles beneath my eyes – and i’ll admit i’ve gotten to nice handle on them, but the minute i start to feel run down, they are enhanced tenfold and i start to feel self conscious. my own mother has asked “are you sick???” on a makeup-free day…. NO, mom… this is just my face! i was really excited to try an oxygen eye mask made specifically for the appearance of dark circles. it helps to get rid of dryness, puffiness, and dark circles among other problems around the eye area. unlike most sheet masks… you pop this product on for 8 hours while you sleep – or for a few hours during the day. either way, it’s super comfy to wear and doesn’t move once it’s stuck in place (which is amazing!). it feels crisp (due to the gel-like material which is what really sold me)… and the strip itself is flexible for maximum comfort. (you could even put them into the refrigerator for added feel-good-factor!)

in this case, i opted to wear them around the house while i was doing some serious blogging. after just a little while, you saw – and felt – an incredible difference! the skin around your eyes is some of the most sensitive skin on our bodies, and this natural (alcohol free!) formula really infuses moisture back into the skin! perfect for those new moms who are adjusting to lack of sleep… or those college seniors studying for their last handful of finals. you can buy your own 6-packet box by clicking here! (that’s 2-3 weeks worth of treatment in one swoop!) and don’t forget to follow me on instagram for more bits of my favorite products for summer ’18! this viicode eye mask is definitely on my short list! any questions? feel free to message me or leave me comments to find out more info about this process!

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