An Ode To Empire Waist

Real talk: If you’ve been watching my Insta Stories lately, I’ve mentioned (more than once) that since moving to the ‘burbs I’ve put on some serious pounds. (Somewhere between 10 and 12…. but who’s counting, right? Oh yeah…. I AM….) I’m clearly a stress eater, and when the going gets tough, I get the munchies. Packing, moving, acclimating, commuting…. getting used to a new schedule and way of life… using my new kitchen for Taco Night… these are all factors that led me to this uncomfortable state, and as of May 1st I’ve been on an epic cleanse to get back to where I felt ‘bomb dot com’. That being said, I recently stumbled upon a cross-back dress with an empire waist that I bought in two colors because it was just THAT flattering (even on my current frame). I realized I never talk about empire waist… probably because I don’t wear it all that often… but it’s a silhouette we ALL should have stashed in our wardrobe for the inevitable day when we feel like we’ve gotta let it all out and cover it all up at the same time. I KNOW you know exactly what I’m talking about. 

I was spending the day strolling about Chester, NJ… which is the cutest old-school historic town you ever did see. It’s known for it’s antique shops and epic apple/pumpkin patches in the fall. Everywhere you look there are old barns, cottage style buildings, and lots of color. I was in heaven. I went with one of my best friends, who brought her one year old daughter McKayla in tow… so obviously McKayla had to make her Indigo Heights debut in one of my pics!

Empire waist is a silhouette that cinches below the breast, which is above your true waistline. This is why it’s a great cut to wear when your waistline isn’t as trim as it usually is. Another thing I love about this look: Unlike it’s “more popular sister” A-Line, empire waist dresses don’t flare out as much at the hip! They are flowy and feminine without adding extra width. This is a huge plus if you have a petite frame like I do. At only 5 feet tall, sometimes A-Line cuts make me feel like I’m as wide as I am tall and that is not cute.

I paired this dress with a traditional slouchy denim jacket from American Eagle, some leather Toms (because of all the walking) and my favorite Aimee Kestenberg bag which was the perfect size to hold my camera all day. If you haven’t worn this silhouette yet, check out this dress linked below in both average and plus sizes! Try them on and be sure to send me your comments and reviews by following me on Instagram!


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