#IndigoHome: My Master Bedroom Tour!

It’s been quite the process designing and furnishing an entire home and I’ll be honest with you…. I have loved every. minute. of. it. The first room that I’ve decided to walk you through is the Master Bedroom, because I put a few personal touches on it that I’m really excited to share.

The hubby and I came from 460 square feet of living space in Brooklyn, NY…. so having a “master bedroom” (with a bathroom!!!!) is exciting new territory for us. In fact, we had a Queen sized bed in Brooklyn, which I had to shuffle up against the wall in order to get to my side of. When we moved into #IndigoHome, I swore off getting a king sized bed because I felt it would “cramp the space”. I didn’t want to even come close to how suffocating my last bedroom felt… so we ordered a queen to ensure we had tons of room to live and breathe. Funny enough, the queen bed wound up looking like a tiny tinker toy! It was comical. This room called for something grand. I put my PTSD aside and we pulled the trigger on a king sized bed from Raymour & Flanagan. (Don’t worry… we kept the queen as well! It now lives in our guest bedroom!)

I should add – I’m decorating this home in a very ‘modern farmhouse’ feel. Think: Chip & Joanna Gaines… Fixer Upper on HGTV. My last homes have all been very sleek and modern, but I’ve phased out of that style into something that feels more ‘homey’ and ‘cozy’. When you’re living in the city, modern makes sense and your life is spent out and about more often than when you’re hanging at home… but for this big purchase and even bigger life change, I wanted to make sure that I was creating a space where the energy encouraged us (and our guests) to sit back, relax, and enjoy life.

That being said, this room (and all the rooms frankly) has wooden accents of all different hues throughout. #IndigoHome was built in 1930 (although the inspector says it could have even been a little older, based on some of the woodworking). The original floors were stained a rich walnut, and our cottage-style ‘suite’ boasts French statement windows with all original hardware. They let in tons of natural light, and they are a serious focal point in the room. It’s hard for photos to do them justice.

I dressed the windows with seed sack sheer linen curtains that I’ve linked for you below. They were super basic, so I dressed them up with these hemp tassel tiebacks by Ballard Designs!┬áSpeaking of Ballard Designs, I also bought our bedding set from there! In full disclosure, I had never even heard of Ballard until I started furnishing my home. They would come up in farmhouse style searches frequently, both on Pinterest and from googling – so I knew I’d have to incorporate their pieces somehow. What I love about this duvet set is that it’s neutral, but still has a pop of color. (Our favorite color, nonetheless!). The texture is what elevates the quality, in my opinion. If this bedspread were smooth, it wouldn’t qualify as having the farmhouse vibe! I’ve learned in furnishing a home that texture is just as important (if not more) than color. You could have a completely monochromatic neutral space – and with the right variation in texture, it would still make a serious statement.

With texture in mind, I purchased a beautiful flokati fur accent bench from Pier 1… but I’ve linked you to a similar (and more affordable!) style below. I opted to put some wicker baskets beneath it for storage instead of buying another “piece” of furniture for this space. A dresser and two end tables was more than enough… I couldn’t bear to think of another chest of drawers, so I improvised and it came out SO cute. In fact, we use that nook often to put on our shoes in the morning! The hubby used to wreck the bed right after I’d make it in the morning every time he put his shoes on. I’d completely freak out, we’d argue for five minutes, I’d fix the bed, and go about my day. But now… we have the glorious fur bench to save our morning sanity!

To accent the room, I’ve got several fun pieces worth talking about! Our full-length white wood mirror was a HomeGoods find, while our distressed off-white wood dresser mirror was puchased from Kirklands (one of my new all time favorite stores). I purposely avoided getting a mirror that “matched” the dresser – because once again, I can’t stress enough the importance of texture and variety when furnishing, especially farmhouse-style! Also from Kirklands is this faux fern┬áthat flanks some jewelry organizers that I found in HomeGoods.

The bed showcases some amazing hand-made work that I’m really excited to share with you all. My “Let’s Stay Home” Pillow Cover (linked below) is a custom design from Etsy shop: “Say It Is So.” Christina’s designs are seriously cute, and she is so easy to work with! Also handmade is my gorgeousssss merino wool statement throw blanket from @SarahLouCo. I had been DYING for one of these for the longest time, and I’m so glad I found someone that sold them with a quick turnaround time. (Everywhere I looked, they took weeks to make and ship. I got this throw within days!) Last but not least is something made by yours truly!!! If you read my AR Workshop Collaboration entry, you know that I made an “over the bed” wooden sign of our wedding date (in roman numerals). It came out so beautiful and rustic that I hung it up immediately! Now you can all see how it looks in my home!

Our dresser and nightstand set is the ‘Colestad’ design from Ashley Home Furnishings. I wanted to give a ‘nod’ to it, because I was really impressed with this set. The nightstands plug into the wall and then there is essentially a power strip built into the back of the nightstand so you can charge multiple devices at once. I was looking at so many sets from reputable companies… but the built-in charging port was a serious no-brainer for us. Another thing we dealt with in Brooklyn were power strips laying all over the floor due to lack of outlet space. Now all our tech cords are tucked away neatly. Not to mention, the varying direction and shade of wood throughout these pieces make them really interesting. They’re oftentimes conversation starters…. but not nearly as much as:

MY BARN DOOR!!!!!!! Okay I’ve totally saved the best for last here. When Stephen and I were looking at homes, I had one major aesthetic request: The home needed to have a sliding barn door – or needed to have the perfect spot to install one ourselves. In fact, we looked at many ‘flipped’ renovated properties in our search. I fell in lust with one home that was renovated really really poorly, simply because it had a barn door on one of the bathrooms!!! It took my realtor, my husband and my father to finally convince me that I had “barn door blinders” on. When we finally found #IndigoHome, I looked around for the perfect space to make a barn door happen… and I knew right away that the master closet was ‘it’. This door is the first thing you see when you enter the room. I linked you below to the exact door we used – and I should also add that we stained it to the color ‘Jacobean’… also found at Home Depot!

I’m so glad I could take you on this little tour with me! If you have any questions about the products I purchased or how I styled this room, leave me comments or send me messages. I’m really pleased with all the rustic touches, the handmade small-batch accents, and most importantly, the texture that it took to achieve a tried & true farmhouse style. follow along on instagram as i begin to include more home decor!

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