‘NAILED’ IT: Indigo Heights x AR Workshop

I’ve officially moved to the ‘burbs and finding fun, unique things to do is now a hearty pastime of mine. In NYC, there’s always something at your fingertips and I’ll admit I’ve been nervous at the thought of boredom. Sure…. I have all this square footage, but at what cost? Then, over coffee with cousins, I learned about AR Workshop in Westfield, NJ and I knew it was something I should check out.

As a growing chain… AR Workshop is a D.I.Y. course that you can do with your pals. Think “ordering something personalized on Etsy” except you’re actually making it yourself, with the guidance of an experienced (and super crafty) instructor. They offer set courses, parties, and custom designs. AR of Westfield even sells some ready-made projects in their shop, in addition to locally sourced jewelry and “knick knacks” that give me ALL the farmhouse feels. This was the perfect event to have with friends, because I am in the process of decorating an entire home – and I’ve been on a serious rustic kick these days, so I was ALL IN. Joanna, the owner of the Westfield chain, was an absolute gem as our instructor… and by the end of the course, I literally felt like I could open my own Etsy shop. (Just kidding.)

But back to the specifics – you can make so many different things: wood plank signs, serving trays, framed signs, lazy susans, centerpiece boxes, canvas wall decor… there are a ton of design options to choose from, and for an added fee, you can even do something completely custom! This is what I opted for… because I needed “over the bed” artwork and I had a vision: our wedding date in roman numerals! Rustic, contemporary, and unique. Thanks to AR Workshop, I nailed it. (Pun intended.)

I started by taking in the space, which is made for Instagram. Wooden paint swatches, matching aprons, and the sweetest bar/lounge area made for an inviting and exciting space. (Oh, and did I mention they drew me a chalkboard welcome sign that was a literal replica of my Indigo Heights logo!? FLOORED!!!!!) This would be an incredible place to have a birthday party, bachelorette kickoff, or even a baby shower (… the wood stains are veggie and totally safe for preggo gals! no smell, either!) Joanna went through the process with us, and after selecting our colors (probably the toughest part), we finally got to work! We sanded down the frames, stained the wood, decorated for an added rustic touch with a paint technique called ‘dry brushing’ and then completed our projects by painting on the “main design” through a stencil, which I really appreciated. This is the reason why I feel these projects are nice enough to actually be displayed in a home! Unlike “Wine & Paint” nights, AR Workshop ensures your design looks professionally made before you leave the workshop!

The drinks were flowing as freely as the creativity, and I left proud and satisfied, knowing I had found something really unique in my new neighborhood. I could not recommend this experience more. It’s worth every penny – between the three hour course and the finished product. OH and guess what!? My readers get $10 off ANY workshop using the code INDIGO now through June 30th! So check out all their different locations here, and if you’re in the Westfield, NJ area – go say hello to Joanna and her team! (…and take me with you?)

Scroll through the images from my event below, and DM me on instagram with all your questions! I’d love to walk you through more of the details about this must try D-I-Wine night. Many Thank-You’s to AR Workshop of Westfield for an AMAZING experience that I’ll never forget! Stay tuned for my “Master Bedroom Debut”, coming to the blog soon – complete with photos of my finished product in it’s hanging place!


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