geo print: spring’s floral alternative

when you think of spring you think FLORAL, right? i know i do. and though i’m eager to wear frocks as feminine as the trees themselves, we all need a break every once in a while – so that’s why i’m switching it up today by featuring some spring essentials with a different vibe: geo print! 

these photos were taken back in february fashion week (props to @petriephotos for getting me in and out of the cold at lightning speed!!!) but this was a ‘spring preview’ of my own, because i fell in love with the idea of going against the grain as the warmer months approached. this midi skirt was #sponsored by shein and unfortunately it’s no longer available, but i’ve linked you guys to a few of my favorite geo-print statement makers right now. if you’re looking to search items like this, google kaleidoscope print! i found it really helpful in finding pieces that matched the vibe. or better yet – shop these beauties that i’ve linked for you below!

i went full geometric for this look, but i added so many ultra femme touches to balance it out. i paired the skirt with a geometric elastic belt, the stonework adding just a bit of bling to my look…. and up top a sexy open shoulder top with a statement ruffle balanced out the bottom half. i wore my favorite floppy hat (which i purchased at a country store in colorado, believe it or not!) and suede over the knee boots. my camel satchel from aimee kestenberg is making a major comeback this spring. i just incorporated it into yet another look, coming soon to the blog! who knew i’d get this much use out of a bag with a print on it? in this case, even the bag matched my ‘geo vibe’ but it’s 75% solid and that’s why. with a skirt as busy as this one, you can’t go too crazy with accessories otherwise you’ll look like the actual kaleidoscope and that’s totally not what we’re going for.

rule of thumb: balance. think of the skirt as the star of the show. balance it with a solid top. think of the belt as an added bit of flare – balance it out with a solid hat. think of the bag as an extra theme piece – balance it out with solid footwear. because of the way i’ve literally deconstructed this look, the skirt remains the star of the show and all these stars are aligned and ready for mother nature to do her spring thing! could you swap out florals for geo print? i think this is a really great alternative when the weather finally decides to warm up!

to all my tri-state-area folks, enjoy the warm spell of today and tomorrow (80 degrees!?) and keep in mind that you can switch it up whenever you darn-well please! have you followed me on instagram yet? you know you want to!

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