tulum diaries: my offsite adventure

before i dive into my entire stay at the unico 2087 resort in riviera maya, i thought it appropriate to give special attention to the one major day trip that i took while i was away in mexico. read on for details on my excursion into the ancient city of tulum!

one thing i will say about unico is that literally everything is included in this ‘all-inclusive’. there are spa services and offsite excursions that come complimentary to guests, with the exception of a 20% service fee. amazing!!!! even everything in your mini-bar is comped (and restocked daily). but i’ll get into all of this at a later date. when we arrived, we booked the complimentary ‘tulum’ excursion and wound up changing it at the last minute when we learned it would take up a full day (as opposed to the premium activity, which comes at a full price, but leaves you back at the resort in time for lunch). in an effort to maximize our time, we opted for the premium trip and we met up with our van at 8:30am, ready to head out to the ruins.

our van only had about 6 couples inside and everyone was really sweet. we learned about the history of the ancient city, and what we’d see when we arrive. when the van pulls up, you’re transported from the plush amenities and sleek design at unico – to colorful patterns, textiles, and street vendors. “new tulum” is dripping in mexican flair, and you walk through that entire portion of the city to reach “the wall” that separated old tulum from the commoners.

the ancient city was reserved for the noble, high-powered mayans. it was blocked off on three sides, with water on the fourth…. but every angle was highly protected from trespassers. from there, our guide let us roam the tiny city on our own which i really appreciated. he took a last opportunity to tell us about the mayan calendar and how the structure of the city lined up with the positioning of the sun at different times of year. it’s amazing to think about how brilliant and strong these people were – building an entire city without machinery or technology. i was floored.

after the tour, i got to hold an iguana (my new bff), met some tribal dancers (also new bffs), and stopped for a drink at the tiki hut. this excursion was worth every penny, and i loved that it didn’t take up a whole day! i always try to dress as practically as possible, but let’s be real here – i wasn’t going to wear shorts and sneakers to a place that i knew would be as photogenic as tulum…. so i split the difference in a comfy off-the-shoulder frock #sponsored by zaful! it ties at the waist and buttons up the front. it gives off a “t-shirt-dress” feel, with a much softer fabric. (pro tip: wear stretchy shorts underneath a frock like this if you’re going to be doing a lot of walking in the heat! it cuts down the friction and keeps you feeling super laid back and cozy). i accessorized with leather espadrille flats by toms, some stackable woven ‘friendship’ bracelets, and of course a wide-brimmed hat (which came in super clutch!!!).

this story has two morals: if you ever get the chance to see tulum…. do it!!!! and: you don’t have to dress like a tourist to be one. i challenge you to up your outfit game for your next big tour or excursions. show me your selfies, which i know you’ll be taking when you realize you’re best-dressed on your bus! have you followed me on instagram yet? spread the word to a friend today!

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