beyonce’s got good jeans

i’ve had these jeans for five years, circa 2013. i only bust them out on occasion, because they’re so crazy specific. they don’t match much, and they’re made to completely stand out – which is why i love them. in this post, i’m linking you all to a few pairs of similar dark statement jeans that will cure your winter blues and have you coasting through these last weeks (months?) of cold weather.a gift from my now-hubby, i had been eyeing these jeans for weeks and i’ll never forget that when i finally got them, days later beyonce was spotted wearing them – so i felt super freakin’ cool (who wore it better!?) i think it’s important to have a few statement pieces in your wardrobe. even if you only wear them every now and again. sure, there’s the whole “conversation starter” aspect that comes into play when you rock unique pieces, but from a personal, internal standpoint… wearing a statement item really boosts my mood and confidence. i actually enjoy walking through life seeing the second glance my pants get. if you’re having an off-week, these are the exact weekenders you need in your life.

the day i wore these, i went out to darien, connecticut to visit some friends who just had a baby. i knew i’d be snuggling the little one all afternoon, so i kept things cozy by pairing my moto jeans with a super soft cashmere sweater and my favorite marc jacobs backpack. the hair was swept half-up and away from the face! a quick note about my hair: i was having THE BEST hairday. i’ve tried to do half-topknots so many times in the past, and nothing has ever worked. it’s always too flat on top, and too “coiffed” overall. to my surprise, i was super late and wound up unable to curl my hair after i had blown it out. because it was freshly washed, the bun had lots of volume, and the bottom was more sleek than usual. it was the perfect combo!!! what do you think… will i be able to recreate this look in the future, or was this just a fluke?! regardless… i was super psyched about it.

back to the topic at hand: i’ve linked you all to some similar statement jeans below. while you won’t find the exact same pants (unless you get a chance to raid beyonce’s closet)… you’ll definitely get the same feeling! and on a PSA note, the instagram algorithm has been cray-cray as of late and my engagement is really tanking. if you like this post – or my blog in general – and if you have any friends who might as well, please spread the word…. head over to my instagram…. and like/comment!!! the best way to stay in the loop is to “turn on notifications” for my profile so that you’re notified when i post! leave me comments below with any questions about this topic, and stay tuned for more super fun posts coming down the pipeline!


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