checklist: my top five handbag must-haves

at some point, i think it’s safe to say every girl has struggled with finding the “perfect” bag. i’m not talking aesthetics here…. finding a bag you’re obsessed with for looks is easy – but like finding a life partner, you have to dig deeper than the surface to uncover a bag’s true functionality. read on for my top five bag traits that are must-haves when looking for the perfect everyday shoulder companion! 1 – size matters: ever have a purse that you think you’ll love because of how roomy it is? cut to you, three days into rockin’ your new bag, digging relentlessly through a bottomless pit where your keys are nowhere to be found. or how about your bi-weekly girls night out? leaving baggage at home – literally – poses serious issues when you can’t even fit your smartphone inside of your weekend clutch.

2 – strap options: how tall are you? do you have a broad frame – or are you little boned? personally, despite my curves, i have a very small frame and i’m the product of chronic bag-sliding. i’ve defined bag-sliding as a purse or duffel that just won’t stay up on your shoulder no matter how hard you try. at the end of a long day, you can literally feel the tension radiating from your neck down to your shoulder, and you know it’s from your muscles putting in the extra work to keep a bag up where it should be. it’s a super annoying reality for us short girls, but it’s one we have to live with – and i’ve found that choosing handbags with multiple strap options is the key to finding the perfect “way” to wear your bag.

3 – color: everyday bags tend to be bought in neutrals – which i completely agree with – but in a sea of brown leather, something’s gotta stand out… and you can find that in prints, texture, or even metal detailing!

4 – price point: so you don’t want to wear your $1,000 gucci on the daily – but you don’t want to feel schlubby either. in this entry i’m giving my two cents (literally) when it comes to the proper price point for an everyday bag. staying in the $250 range will keep you looking sophisticated and polished, while taking all the pressure off when it comes to keeping your bag in perfect condition – because let’s be real – our “ride or die” bags take quite the beatings when we use them 24/7!

5 – compartmentalize: i think above all else it’s important to be able to compartmentalize your life. the best handbag will provide you with the pockets and pouches you need to separate work from beauty and beauty from cards & i.d.s – with the right amount of pocket space, anything is possible.

the current everyday bag that i’m obsessing over is the ‘nevada’ convertible satchel by aimee kestenberg. this bag (#sponsored) is a literal lifesaver. it’s got an interesting multi-seasonal design on top of a neutral base, two amazing strap options (my neck is saying a serious thank you), tons of compartments – without being the bottomless pit where bobby pins go to die. and the best part is that it’s $248 and genuine leather: a blissful combo. i’ve linked you to a similar style by aimee below, as well as the original bag here. what are your must-haves when you go handbag shopping? is there anything that’s a dealbreaker? follow along on instagram to stay in the loop – i’ll be featuring more from aimee kestenberg coming soon!


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