the overnight bag you didn’t know you needed

as i mentioned in a recent previous post, i spent a few days in upstate, new york just before new years’ eve. i’m a total pro at packing light and making the most out of practical clothing choices, and this weekend rendezvous was no exception. fortunately for me, i had just gotten an overnight tote for christmas and i (without question) have been using it every day since. 

i’ll admit, i had never even heard of pendleton woolen mills until my brother gifted this beauty to me. it came packaged in the most lovely, ribbon-clad plaid box… it was so pretty i almost didn’t want to open it! but i’m glad i did. the piece pictured is the ‘coated cotton canvas super tote’ in the color SILVER BARK. what i love about pendleton is how many cool earthy tribal prints they have to choose from! this print went perfectly with my head-to-toe aerie winter gear. (my hoodie was customized to read my instagram handle…. a must-have courtesy of the soho pop-up store!!!)

the best thing about this bag is the fact that it’s big, without being overwhelming. it’ll never get mistaken for a duffel bag – but if you’re practical like i am – it’s amazing what you can manage to fit inside this thing! it’s got shoulder straps and a crossbody option… with lots of compartments for small items – and even space for a water bottle! this bag held my toiletries, laptop, camera, makeup, and hair supplies for the trip. then it acted as an oversized purse, and now that i’m back to the nyc grind – i’ve been using it as a gym bag! literally the best investment ever, so an extra ‘thank you’ shoutout to my little bro who knows me all too well.

i’ve linked a similar (more everyday) style in the same print below, along with my head to toe look from day one of my weekend! check it out, and be sure to follow along on instagram to keep up to date with the latest indigo heights news!


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