you windham, you lose some:

i’ve always wanted to ski. it looks so effortless and exhilarating. the hubby and i took a long weekend in a cabin upstate and hung out at whindham mountain resort, where i took lessons to get my feet wet (COLD and wet!!!). admittedly, my first try was rough – although i didn’t fall once, so apparently my family tells me that’s a “win”. but the real “win” for me was obviously the ski gear. read on for details on what i wore!it was sort of a last minute weekend. we put it together with some friends about 3 weeks before we actually went, with the holidays nestled right in the middle…. so between shopping for christmas gifts and organizing actual travel plans, i was out on december 26th trying to find something to rock on the slopes. i had a feeling it was going to be ‘slim pickin’s’ because everything would have been bought up for the holidays and i was right when i attempted a major sporting goods store…. but the gems were hidden in the small new jersey local ski shops, where i found so many cute pieces that i’d actually wear again!

i’m 5ft tall, so when it came to ski pants, i saved a TON of money by buying a size XL in BOYS. the pants i got are overalls which made life so much easier. i think in regular pants i might have been tugging at them all day long, so i’m glad i went with this decision! if you’re petite like i am, definitely consider going for youth gear!

on top i wore a super insulated patterned ski jacket with a faux-fur hood by roxy. ski gear tends to be really obnoxious… and if it’s not, then it’s super plain and solid. i almost bought an all white coat, but worried i’d blend into the snow. i was so relieved and happy when i found this coat, because it’s definitely something i’d actually wear in “real life” – and it has pops of chartreuse, one of my favorite colors!!! (i even already had the hat to match). this coat is chic, fun and really functional. side note – it’s called “the lizzy-dots”!!! we were clearly meant to be.

i finished my look off with a pair of rainbow-lens goggles. considering their low price point, they were great! minimal fogging and maximum cool-factor. i’m definitely going to try skiing again when i’m in a more supportive environment. it’s all about the frame of mind and the company you keep, so i’ll be making a trip back up to windham before the season ends to give this a second go, and i can’t wait!!!! the biggest news?? WE BOUGHT A MOUNTAIN HOME!!!!! next time i hit up the slopes, it’ll be from my own family home upstate, which is being renovated as we speak. peace out, air b&b….. hello unlimited upstate excursions!!!!! it’s an absolutely gorgeous space (with floor to ceiling windows and a triangular mod-cabin shape) about 20 minutes from windham mountain and it’s got BLOG POST written ALL over it, so stay tuned for a few more snowy adventures before the winter comes to a close! are you following the blog on instagram? have you subscribed? help me reach my new goal of 15k by telling a friend who’d like what i post!


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