ultra-feminie winterwear that will boost your wardrobe without sacrificing comfort!

this christmas i went for comfort with velvet leggings from spanx! they lifted and smoothed in all the right places (meaning i went hard on the holiday indulgences!!!) – and i paired them with complimentary pieces with feminine flair. read on for details!

i’ve been obsessed with the idea of hair bows, and i was on the hunt for the perfect one. it sounds silly – but they’re either too small to make a statement, or comically big (… think minnie mouse!!!). francesca’s boutique to the rescue with the perfect velvet ribbed bow that i bought in two colors! it adds such a pretty touch to any outfit, and this particular color (a greyish, silvery blue) pops against the cool chocolate tones in my hair.

in full disclosure, i had received many of the pieces in this outfit for christmas that very moment! i got excited and put them all together to form an impromptu look, and i’m so glad that i did. my top is from the b.p. section in nordstrom – sheer, flowy and easy to wear. i had been on the hunt for tan/neutral boots with a bit of a block heel – so “santa” really nailed it with these vince camuto beauties. they are the perfect balance between dressy and casual… plus, the suede detailing makes them stand out in a sea of over-the-knee boots that we’re seeing on the streets everywhere!

the last piece i want to talk about is this navy velvet aimee kestenberg backpack, from lord & taylor. it’s roomy, the hardware and metals are high in quality, and the shape is unique. i knew instantly that i’d love this brand (which i’ll admit i had never heard of before receiving the backpack as a gift) – and i’m thrilled to say that i can officially add this company to my list of collaborations coming soon! i’m so excited to receive more goodies from their collection and to tell you all a bit more about the designer and her brand. it’s a strong one, and will totally be worth the read.

in 2018 i’d like to talk more about WHY i’m choosing the looks that i choose, rather than just giving descriptions of the pieces. if i go into a bit more backstory, it might help YOU readers to decide on pieces when selecting your own outfits! in this case, as i mentioned before, it was christmas day. at my parents’ house, we host anywhere from 20 to 40 people. in and out, all day long. it’s festive, it’s casual, it’s a great way to catch up with cousins/aunts/uncles… but it’s a “no-pressure” environment and it really doesn’t require ANY sort of dress-up. however, i am who i am, and a big holiday gathering (even if it’s at my mom’s house) sounds like a reason to “get cute” so i opted for something that i could lounge around with but still feel presentable in. this is why i LOVE brands that make “luxe leggings”. i define “luxe leggings” as a legging that adds texture. sure, colors and prints are cute, but can remain casual. texture, however, is another beast.

texture can be anything from studs, alternating fabrics, mesh peek-a-boo spots, ribbing…. and in this case the velvet screamed ‘merry christmas i dressed up for all of you!‘ is this something you’d consider trying out for your next semi-special event? would you invest in pricier leggings in order to feel comfy all day? personally, i think stuff like this is a fantastic investment when your goal is to keep your wardrobe fun but affordable. these can be worn to the office, out to dinner, or even every day (if you’re anything like i am!). tag me in all your “luxe legging” pics and keep following along on instagram – aimee kestenberg collab coming soon!


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