there’s power in layers

just before ringing in 2018, i spent the weekend at a cozy cabin in upstate, new york. i attempted skiing… (more on that at a later date), made s’mores, and messed around in the snow. it was the coldest weekend of the year – topping off at a whopping 10 degrees on the warmest day of our three-day excursion… and i made sure i packed the wardrobe to battle the freeze.

aerie has been killing it this winter season, and to my surprise, christmas added more super cool items to my “aerie winter wardrobe collection” that’s growing bigger by the day. these heather gray leggings have faux-legwarmers built into the bottom half. they’re super warm, and the slouchy, bulkier portion actually does wonders for your thighs – which appear sleek and trim in the smooth contrasting material. i love a clothing “fake-out”. pieces like this reduce bulk while adding the illusion of layering, which always ups the cool-factor! in this look, i’m also sporting a giant fur hat from aerie which was 100% necessary up in the mountains. this was a surprising find, in my opinion, because i’m so used to the classic aerie beanies that this style really stood out to me while browsing the store!

funny story about this hat: upon returning from upstate, i pulled into my parent’s driveway and began unloading the trunk. a giant golden retriever dog, who was not on a leash for some reason, spotted the “ball” hanging from this hat – and BARRELED up the driveway towards me. he jumped up, snagged one of the balls in his mouth, and yanked. the owners ran after him scolding him, and got the ball out of his mouth, apologetically handing it back to me. luckily, my mom is a wizard with needle & thread. she managed to wash it off and stitch it back, good as new!

to complete this look, i’m sporting a checkered flannel buttondown from old navy, sorel “joan of arctic” limited edition snow boots, my new roxy ski coat, and the only accessory not linked below – brighton’s convertible “snap flap” purse. this is such a specific product with so many variations, that it only makes sense to link you directly to their site to check it out!

i photographed this look in the town of hunter, new york (with the exception of one photo that was snapped on a whim outside a nearby diner). the town of hunter is full of colorful buildings with unique archways and detailing. it’s the perfect strip for a photo shoot! stay tuned for more from my “snowed in” weekend, and click through below to shop this entire outfit from head to toe!

are you following along on instagram? 2018 will be about increasing my following dramatically. year one of blogging has come to a close and it’s time for indigo heights to get serious. what would you like to see more of? what kinds of collaborations do you think would jive well with the brand that i’ve established for myself? looking forward to hearing all your requests as we get further into the new year!


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