go busy or go home: an out-of-the-box wardrobe challenge

after a dramatically positive response from my royal blue “christmas ornament” sweater dress, i was inspired to buy a light blue crushed velvet sweater with frilled shoulder detail from marshall’s. it was a whopping $12, and i was riding the high of hearing “blue is your color!” so many times that i pulled the trigger and figured it would be easy to style…. but boy was i wrong. this little number was a challenge with my current wardrobe – but one i had so much fun overcoming!

there’s something about the combination of textures happening here that was making it virtually impossible to style with the bottoms I already owned. jeans made me look like a mid-toned-blue-blob… black leggings were way too casual… black lace was too busy. i came to the conclusion that no mater what i wound up styling this alongside, it was going to be pretty “extra” – so i took that confidence and ran with it, pairing this top with my favorite black joggers. the only catch? these joggers have camouflage detailing in them, which you can only notice in certain lights. bold…. i know.

in sticking with this “go busy or go home” theme, i’m rocking some blue and silver baroque booties – basically adding a third pattern into this overall look. let me explain. i felt that if I had worn solid shoes i would have simply looked mismatched… however, a printed shoe registers as “she totally planned this look” – and that’s what i was going for.

i utilized an old rebecca minkoff mini mac purse for this look, for a few reasons: 1. although it’s old to my wardrobe, it’s new to the blog. 2. it’s blue. 3. it’s solid… and possibly the most important bullet point: 4. the hardware is silver – one of the only bags i own with silver accents instead of gold! this tied everything in.

i love this look because it’s festive (hanukkah, anyone?!) yet still urban with a street style vibe. and since marhshall’s finds are usually hard to be pinned down anywhere else, i’ve linked you all to similar style tops that i think (might) pose the same challenge if you’re up for it! they all happen to be featured on ASOS, and though they vary in color, the same idea of velvet/frilled multi-textured complexity is streamlined in each of my selections for you to shop! and peep the bag, which is still available – and an amazing statement piece added to anyone’s wardrobe! are you following on instagram yet?! keep yourself in the loop as i jump head first into the holidays!


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