this is not a drill: holiday glitz for under 11 bucks!!!

this past weekend i hosted my second (ever) blogger event! it was a winter holiday-themed “jingle & mingle” event where i hung with my favorite blogger pals that i’ve met over the past 11 months…. for an amazing cause! we donated to the ‘fill a purse for a sister’ campaign, which not only was a great way to give back during the holiday season, but was also a fashion-focused excuse to spend the day brunching and catching up with one another. since i was the host, and this was all about the holidays, i knew i had to bust out the glitz!

leslie moncada photography donated her time to this (women-helping-women) cause, and i could not be more happy with her work so far! while we haven’t received the event photos just yet, i received a sneak peek of how she documented my outfit that day! as someone who often takes her own photos, it’s tough for me to relinquish the creative control – but leslie absolutely nailed it, and i am so excited to show off this glitzy (and comfy!) skirt from forever21 that is absolutely perfect for your holiday soiree’s.

at literally $10.90, this skirt is a STEAL – and i know i say that a lot – but i really mean it this time. i’m usually a size small but in this i bought a medium, because it runs a bit short and forever21 merchandise often shrinks (especially when you send your clothes to the wash-n-dry of brooklyn heights)… so i aired on the safe side, especially considering the waistband is stretchy. i’m not a huge fan of sequins because they bend and break off, but i love the overall look – and this skirt is a really happy medium, because it sparkles and shines every way you turn – without anything physically hanging off of it! it’s considered a ‘knit’ (88% polyester) and looks super cute worn with a pair of tights.

real talk: i had all intentions of wearing this bear-legged until i woke up sunday morning to sub-freezing temps. leslie was a complete and total champ, because i had all of five minutes in me to snag these photos before running back indoors into the heat. so props to her for catching all my cutest angles on a time crunch… not an easy task!!!

i paired this look with my favorite sam edelman-inspired tassel necklace (bought on the street in italy, but a literal clone of sam’s 2017 accessory line) as well as a bell-sleeved blouse from target and flat grey boots (also from target!) left indoors was my trusty gucci marmont purse, which completed the look. for the price, this skirt can be worn christmas eve, christmas day, new years’ eve, to the mall, out to dinner, on a date…….. literally you can wear this thing anywhere! dress it way up or wear it super casual like i did – either way, you’ll be bringing some holiday glitz to your life for under 11 bucks. can you believe it!? follow along on instagram to stay in the loop – we are super close to hitting my goal of 5,000 followers by january 3rd! help me spread the word by telling your fashion-loving gal pals to check out my page! hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season thus far!


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