’tis the season to be… dressed like a literal ornament

if you followed along on my insta stories, last week i attended the rockefeller center tree lighting — and as many of you now know, this is a big event for my family because my dad’s electric company lights the tree every year! so i always “do it up” holiday style — but it’s tricky! — you’re standing out in the cold all night, so layers are key… especially if you’re anything like i am! i make it a priority to be ‘coat-free’ if at all possible. luckily, this year we had very mild weather, so i rocked my ‘ornament sweater dress’ all night long! 

yes, i looked like a literal christmas ornament and i was living for it. this oversized sweater dress is from h&m. it comes in several colors, but the bright cobalt blue really stuck out to me. of course, my half-jewish husband went out of his way to call this my “hanukkah dress”!!! i told him it could be both. marriage is about compromise, right?

i love this dress because it’s really warm, and also clingy in all the right spots. i bought this while i was out shopping with my mom. she usually keeps me in check when it seems like something won’t be “worth the buy”. in this case, i remember her being concerned on the hanger that this sweater dress would be “massive”…. she thought it would have a sack-dress quality, but i could tell just by the fabric that it would give me a little more shape than that. she conceded once i tried it on, and actually – for once – told me i was right!!! so naturally, it was a no-brainer to purchase this perfectly cozy holiday statement piece.

another thing i love about this is that it’s not red or green! we get SUPER festive even if we don’t realize we do it. i’ve been seeing ‘holiday-colored’ outfits since thanksgiving…and i’ve been guilty of sporting several myself. it’s nice to break out of the box every now and then — and to me, even though its blue, something about this piece still feels festive! what do you think? is this considered “holiday-wear” to you?

at the actual tree lighting i was warm and comfortable in leggings and flat boots with a high pony to keep the hair out of my face. for more looks like this one, follow along on instagram – and while you’re spreading the holiday cheer, help me spread the word about indigo heights!


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