real feels in teal chenille

apparently i’m a poet today! now that the hype of my five day body confidence challenge has simmered, i’m finally getting around to posting another winter look that you might actually wear outdoors!

i will start by saying that i’m sporting an unlined lace demi with decorative straps from aerie – so i haven’t strayed too far from this week’s shenanigans – but today i’m only letting the strap poke out of this super cozy (real) teal chenille cable-knit cropped sweater from forever21! chenille became popular in clothing during the 1970’s but originated as a must-have fabric for textiles and bedspreads first and foremost – so if you’ve never gotten your hands on chenille before, imagine the softest most velvety bedding you’ve ever been wrapped up in! i am usually not a fan of “bulky” sweaters because 90% of the time they’re made out of wool which makes me itch like you would not believe… so i jumped on this super affordable piece when i tried it on and realized the texture was totally different.

chenille sweaters are all the rage this season — and they’re carried just about everywhere. i’ve linked you all to several different (but similar) styles to choose from. if you’re sensitive to ‘itchy’ fabrics like i am, this material could be a really great option when it comes to creating a ‘wintery’ look. in this post i’m wearing a pair of fleece-lined patterned longjohns, and i love the way they clash with (yet somehow compliment) the unique texture of the sweater. combined with the lace bra strap and the smooth suede on my boots, this easy weekend look is a great example of how mixing textures can actually create a streamlined vibe.

what’s your favorite sweater-texture for winter? are you a cashmere person? do you have any expert tips for feeling less itchy in wool-based tops?! comment below and follow along on instagram!


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