i am #aerieREAL: holiday 2017 campaign! #MYAERIE

this is probably the most excited i’ve ever been for a blog post. one of my favorite gals, ashlee rose hartley and i got together to celebrate our bodies with our favorite undie brand, aerie! in this post, i’m showcasing some epic “body confidence” photos (shot by charlie tighe) – featuring all the latest pieces from aerie’s holiday ’17 collection – no photoshop – just us, 100% #aerieREAL! #myaerie

i am obsessed with this campaign. in every aerie dressing room you’ll find empowering sticky notes written by the women who tried on clothes before you… and before her… and before her. the camaraderie amongst women that you feel in an aerie boutique (especially the soho pop-up here in manhattan!) is unparalleled. not to mention iskra, their spokesmodel, is the most inspiring example of natural beauty & loving every inch of what your momma gave you. aerie’s ‘no photoshop’ rule was a fun and challenging experiment, because no matter what your body type, posting photos in your underwear when it’s not something you’re used to is a little bit scary – and a whole lot liberating. nowadays it’s so easy to tweak a picture in an app – a nip here, a crease there… but ashlee and i let it all go, rolled with the punches, and loved the results – because these photos represent us, to the fullest. real girls, living real lives, with real bodies, celebrating different shapes, and the beauty within those differences.

i’ve struggled with weight my entire life. from the moment i hit puberty, it seems i’ve gone up and down — and i’ve let my mood ride the same rollercoaster. what i saw in the mirror was likely not what others saw in real life, and i’d often let poor body image dictate my whole entire day. in hindsight, it’s SO sad to think that i’ve wasted many beach days and formal events feeling “less than”. i am the true definition of a late bloomer, having come into my looks towards the end of college – and as i’m settling into a brand new decade of my life, it’s become top priority to love and accept my curves, dimples, and lines — instead of seeing flaws. because you know what i’ve realized? my body is doing it’s job. i’m healthy. i get out of bed every day. i exercise. i have spontaneous dance parties. i laugh. i cry. i love. i use my head (at least most of the time… i’m still learning!) — this body is doing everything it’s supposed to, and for this i am incredibly thankful.

in this spread, i’m sporting the nordic lace high-neck bralette throughout, worn with some pj joggers, various pairs of holiday-themed underwear, a pom sweater, and a light up beanie (peep my latest insta video to see it in action — it gets so many compliments!!!) we went full holiday mode with our setup – white fur, exposed brick, and string lights galore set the scene to really showcase this super fun collection. during this shoot, ashlee and i celebrated our friendship, the holiday season, and every single part of our bodies that could be seen as an ‘imperfection‘ because we are unapologetically #aerieREAL. 

many special thank-you’s to tribeca rooftop for the luxe shoot space and thank you to aerie for bringing body confidence to the forefront of fashion. ladies: whatever you do… be bold, be you, and be fearless. never apologize for who you are. i have come a long way in accepting the 5 foot frame that houses all this personality. as my hubby says… “you love you some you” – and he’s SO right.

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  1. Awesome and very beautiful! I wish I could gain weight…I have the complete opposite problem/ trust me…it’s a problem when you want to gain and it is not possible…I have NO control over my weight…Wish I did…God Bless and celebrate you!! Please take a moment to “LIKE” my Facebook pages 🙂

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