don’t get mad, get plaid 

i’ve been feeling SO festive lately and it’s really rubbing off on my wardrobe! i may complain about the weather once in a while (aka always) — but when it all boils down to it, i am pretty darn grateful to live in a state where we (basically) get all four seasons to enjoy…. so today, as we head into the weekend before thanksgiving, i’m featuring one of my favorite looks from LAST year (before the days of indigo heights!) notice the black hair? yep…. this look was shot a while back and i’m just as obsessed with it now as i was when I first bought it. 

plaid is a symbol of the holiday season in america, and this babydoll top from francesca’s is a fabulous twist on the typical “lumberjack buttondown” we all know and love. in the spirit of putting a feminine twist on just about everything i wear, this was a no-brainer purchase for me last year. of course, i’ve linked you to some similar tops that you can snag right now — all of which have unique details of their own.

now let’s not get too crazy here…. i’m a brooklyn girl and i refuse to lose my edge, so i’m pairing this girly top with some super cool “coated” jeans. coated denim is a fantastic alternative to wearing leather (or pleather) pants. they’re easier to move in, they feel like jeans, but they look glossy & rich. check out the pairs I’ve selected below that would make amazing “staple pieces” in anyone’s winter wardrobe. this is the kind of item i’m an advocate for spending the big bucks on, because they never go out of style and they’re a “match-all” instant outfit upgrade. i’m telling you: get coated jeans STAT!

i’ve topped it off with a floppy wide-brimmed hat (no pun) to lighten up an otherwise darker-toned outfit, some booties, and a floral bag strap (because i had to throw some flowers in there somewhere, let’s be real). this is a fantastic outfit for a black friday shopping spree: festive, warm, & fashion-forward! follow along on instagram to stay looped into the holiday madness!

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