room to breathe: the ultimate festive frock for thanksgiving dinner, dessert & leftovers, too!

it’s my favorite time of the year! aside from extreme cold, the holidays are the best  — family, friends, festive outfits, lots of food & fun seasonal cocktails…. what more could a girl want? this dress is a thanksgiving dream, with tons of room to feast and a color scheme that’s so seasonal it hurts.

#sponsored by zaful, this sack dress has feminine ruffle details and a high neck (which i’ve opted to wear untied and folded over). the top closure is a string of small buttons and the bell sleeves are super trendy at the moment. i’m wearing a size small, and this dress is loose with plenty of room! it hangs and sways, and it has tons of movement so you don’t have to worry about unbuttoning, unbuckling, or unzipping anything at the start of your turkey coma. in this dress i honestly felt like i was wearing a nightie, but instead i appeared put together and fashion forward. i paired it with my favorite burundy leggings and some grey suede boots courtesy of target. (leave the heels at home on thanksgiving — it’s a day to chill and spend quality time with the most important people in your life! – fuss about your wardrobe another day!) i’m obsessed with these boots because they were crazy affordable and they pull right up! no zipper necessary! i had been looking specifically for a gray boot and when i found this pair i was elated because these would act as my ‘secondary boots’ so i didn’t want to spend a fortune. target is always so great for finds like these.

a silhouette like this should totally inspire your ‘turkey day’ style! what are some other ways you can stay cozy and comfortable this thanksgiving? do you have any special plans that you’re looking forward to? follow along on instagram for more ideas like this one!


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