sporty vs. sweet, part 2: how a two-piece outfit yields opposite vibes

if you peeped part 1 of this post, you got to see the top half of this two-piece collaboration with rosegal featured in a super sporty style that had ‘downtown brooklyn’ written all over it. today, i want you to see the bottom half — a piece that’s totally unexpected — styled in true ‘brooklyn heights’ cobblestone fashion. it’s the sweetest, most sweatery skirt you’ll own: and it’s worth every penny!

sold together but best worn separately, this set (#sponsored by the rosegal team) is warm and modern – with monochromatic floral print in a sleek grey, it was easy to style the top half. the bottom is an a-line skirt (with pockets!!!!!!!) and i felt it needed some color so i paired it with a fuchsia button-down blouse, my favorite floral bag strap and statement pearls.

i wore this to a blogger event where i checked out the caravan stylist studio. fashion illustrator rongrong devoe was there sketching the guests! naturally there was a crazy long wait to be drawn, so the gals at caravan snapped my photo and rongrong is currently hard at work recreating this look in animated form from the comfort of her own home. coming soon to an instagram near you! can’t wait to see how she draws me – and this skirt!

this skirt is literally made from sweater material. i have a-line midi skirts in many textures (satin, velvet, chiffon)… but “sweater” was not one of them until now! since it’s thicker than your average, it’s a good idea to wear a shirt that’s light and tailored on top to balance it out. the thickness, however, is a huge plus for crisp fall weather. i could picture this looking super cute with a pair of thick tights!

as i mentioned in part one, this is totally wearable as a set if you’re tall and super slender… but i’m only 5 ft. and i’m rockin’ some curves, so i prefer these pieces styled separately. how would you wear them? follow along on instagram to stay in the loop – and thanks to the crew at rosegal for another awesome partnership!


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