sporty vs. sweet, part 1: how a two-piece outfit yields opposite vibes

in my latest collaboration with rosegal, i’m featuring a two-piece outfit (#sponsored) worn separately — and the results are crazy different! 

in theory, this sweater-and-midi-skirt combination looks adorable all at once, but when you’re 5 feet tall with curves, that is all a pipe dream. so i’ll be featuring this set in two parts! i decided to go super sporty with the top half. this sweatshirt is monochromatic grey with poppy floral details. i always appreciate a floral detail that’s not super “floral”….. total oxymoron and i’m hoping someday i can actually articulate what i mean by that, but in the meantime, i guess i’ll say i’m drawn to more ‘modern’ flower prints and this shirt totally falls into that category.

to stick with the modern, urban vibes i paired this top with a rose gold apple watch and my favorite sleek adidas superstar slip-on sneaks. this was a super easy outfit to wear to my side job as a nanny. in part two, i’ll be featuring the midi skirt with a completely different aesthetic. i’m excited to see the two looks side by side!

would you wear this all at once, or are you in the “turn it into two outfits” club? follow along on instagram so you know exactly when that second look goes live!


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