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by now, my loyal readers know about the epic coffee habit i’ve gotten myself into. (twice a day, morning & afternoon!) — and as a style blogger, i’m photographed constantly. my aesthetic really calls for fun, playful “smiley” photos, so i’ve partnered with smile brilliant who were kind enough to sponsor my very own at-home teeth whitening kit

at the dentist’s office, this procedure would cost over $700! but the do-it-yourself version is only $165 (T6 sensitive system for ‘average stains’), and through my partnership, you can enter to win a free kit! ENTER HERE! the instructions are detailed and simple, the product is vegan and cruelty free, and it literally only took one session to see results! pictured below, you’ll see my before and after. the ‘after’ column was the result of one week of teeth whitening – even though the kit comes stocked with 18 applications! as you can see from my ‘before’ photos, my teeth were pearly off-whites and my back teeth were considerably more ‘dull’ than the front. that’s what copious amounts of coffee will do to you, i suppose! i had staining along the rim of each tooth (between the tooth and the gum) no matter how hard i tried brushing.

before you start whitening, smile brilliant will send you some clay. make dental impressions of your teeth, send it out in a pre-paid package, and two weeks later your custom fitted whitening trays will arrive on your doorstep and you can get to whitening! each kit comes with teeth whitening gel syringes as well as syringes of ‘desensitizing gel’. before whitening, brush (without toothpaste) and apply a thin layer of whitener into each of your trays. insert top & bottom trays, pressing in a forward motion, until they are securely in place. then — relax! i found that these teeth whitening trays were so easy to wear, that i just went about my normal daily routine! i wore mine for an hour each day (although you can whiten up to three hours at a time). to achieve true stain lifting, penetration beyond the superficial enamel of your teeth, you have to wait at least 40 minutes – dentist fact! after you whiten, if you’re feeling any tooth sensitivity, apply desensitizing gel the same way you applied the whitener — pop them in for a bit, and before you know it you’re feeling like yourself again — except pearlier!

when working out the details of this super fun collab, i thought i might need the desensitizing gel — but i found smile brilliant to be gentle enough that by the second application, i was totally fine and often would forego the additional step! everybody is different, but from my experience, i would recommend smile brilliant to anybody who’s looking to up their glam-factor.

i used some white strips before my wedding in 2016 and it’s unbelievable what a difference this product makes. i wish i had it for my big day… but i’m so grateful to be a part of the smile brilliant family now! keep up-to-date with my latest happenings on instagram, and don’t forget to follow smile brilliant, too! have you tried this product? if so, tag me in all your #smilefearlessly posts — i’m eager to see everybody’s results! and don’t forget, ENTER THE GIVEAWAY for your chance at an instantly brighter smile!

too eager to wait?! use code: indigoheightsblog at checkout for 10% off any purchase from smile brilliant! 

Smile Brilliant Before-And-After

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