watercolor wardrobe in hudson, ny

after a saturday of hiking and enjoying the foliage at hunter mountain, we spent sunday roaming around hudson, new york — chock full of hudson valley shopping & dining! it was incredibly humid and misty, hence the frizzy hair, so a hat was totally necessary to ease the pouf. i felt comfy and lightweight in a breezy swing babydoll top that was #sponsored by zaful!

i love working with zaful because their products usually come exactly how i was expecting them to. in this case, however, this top is a size small and it was absolutely massive when it arrived on my doorstep! lucky for me, it shrunk a bit when i tried giving it a wash — and now it’s perfectly swingy and fun! i love the color… it’s a soft lilac and looked beautiful paired with burgundy leggings and hiking boots by toms. in a perfect world, even my hair would have matched this look! my hair is finally a beautiful eggplant tone, but at this point it was super brassy. oh well.

on a separate note, i loved the location of this shoot. i actually had scouted it an entire year ago, the first time i visited hudson! this was in my pre-blog days, so naturally i took an iphone selfie in front of this watercolor mural, but this time around i came fully prepared knowing exactly where i wanted to go when it came time to showcasing this fun collaboration.

many thanks to zaful for contributing to my fall ’17 wardrobe! there will be more where this came from, and i’m psyched to show you all the rest of this collaboration at a later date! follow along on instagram to be clued in when it goes live! in the meantime, you can shop this entire look below! and don’t forget — size down on the top!


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