taking a break from brooklyn 

yesterday i wrote about my trip to a farm, but that’s not all i’ve been getting into this fall. brooklyn’s cool and all, but in my opinion autumn is the most beautiful season and it would be a shame to miss the leaves as they turn – so the hubby and i took a long weekend out of the city and stayed at shinglekill falls bed & breakfast, where we explored hunter mountain, kaaterskill falls, and some seriously good home cooking.

only 2.5 hours outside of manhattan, i still can’t get over how much of a “different world” being upstate feels like. the pace slows, the folks are more friendly, and the land stretches for miles. we made this exact trip last year and i think it’s safe to say this will be a yearly ritual.

our b&b was situated directly at the top of a small waterfall, but we wanted to bust out the big guns, so we spent saturday on the trails – with a pitstop at hunter mountain’s oktoberfest. riding the ski lift was a highlight for me because if you can believe it, i’ve never ridden it before – and it’s basically a new yorker’s rite of passage! the views from that high are incredible.

i wanted to be comfortable but i always have fashion in mind, so i busted out some of my old favorites from last year. every now and then it’s important to revamp old pieces in your wardrobe! my trip to hunter mountain was the perfect opportunity since i didn’t want to potentially dirty something that was brand new!

i opted for a pair of skinnies from francesca’s and my all time favorite hiking boots by tom’s. (similar ones linked below!) hiking boots come in two categories — boots for real hikers, and mine…. weatherproof, on-trend, with mediocre traction. if you’re a legit hiker, these boots are not for you! but if you’re a fashionista who’s trying to get down with mother earth, you’ll get along just fine with these bad boys. on top i chose a blue-based plaid buttondown – but since i’m the glitzy type – i went for something that had jeweled buttons at the top. i’ve linked a few more sensible selections for you to shop!

finishing touches were added with a black wide-brim hat and my favorite vera bradley backpack, which was perfect for any activity where i may need my hands. and climbing literal rocks… the weekend was filled with plenty of those moments! but perhaps my favorite accessory of them all were my beautiful hoop earrings #sponsored by gorjana! i literally had girls message me about them from my insta-story the second they saw them, so for anyone who’s on the hunt for a unique twist on your standard gold hoop, these beauties are for you! linked below!

the next day we went to the town of hudson, which i’ll wrote more about at a later date – but for now, enjoy the views of the hunter mountain area and send me a message for tips and tricks if you’re planning your own nature-weekend this fall! follow me on instagram for more!


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