the brunch files: the hampton social, chicago

on the last day of our weekend getaway to chicago, the hubby and i scheduled a sit down brunch. the hampton social came highly recommended, and the menu looked delicious, so i made a reservation and casually strolled over the day-of. i had no idea i was entering girl heaven.

much to my husband’s dismay, the hampton social is decorated – lit – and completely inspired with instagrammable, hashtaggable moments in mind…and i appreciate that more than you will ever know. from all angles, groups of girls were photographing their food, the space, and posing for photo ops beneath their epic neon sign (myself included). the hampton social really means it when they say social… because the experience creates moments both in person and on social media. throughout the course of one meal, i bonded with a fellow new york city blogger, and a 14 year old girl with aspirations to blog – as well as her mother who was super sweet and supportive of her daughter’s goals. (that’s three more instagram followers for indigo heights! hey, new friends!)

the space is decked in nautical design – with knotted light fixtures and a rope hammock hanging in the window. the walls are dressed in faux-greenery and the rosé is served frozen and slush-y. for goodness sake… even my donuts were glazed in rosé. i think this had to have been the least my husband and i spoke during our many meals as a couple in chicago, but in my defense, i was busy bonding with all the women who were googly-eyed for this restaurant’s energy. there was no competition, no cattiness – just camaraderie and good times amongst strangers who weren’t afraid to talk to one another.

the hampton social gives meaning to the term #sundayfunday. the food was delicious, yes — but the experience and the vibe are truly what makes this place unique. when we left, i told stephen how badly i wished i could have brought my blogger friends with me to the hampton social. because as nice as it is to dine with my love….. this spot is for the ladies.

if you’re in chicago and need a place to chow down — the hampton social will not disappoint. i already cannot wait to go back!


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