indigo heights x lularoe: round two!

i love it when a brand collaborates with me multiple times, because it means there was a mutual love for both the product and the content. a few months back, i debuted a super fun pair of lularoe leggings (what they’re most well-known for)… and i’m thrilled to be working with them again to showcase one of my new favorite fall pieces, their madison midi skirt!

this is an extra special collaboration for me, because the lularoe stylist i’m working with directly was actually the person who helped me select my wedding gown! kirstyn gillies worked at the wedding atelier when i was shopping for THE dress. i’ll never forget — i came in with 6 dresses in mind to try on. kirstyn, being the stellar consultant she was, listened intently to everything i said i wanted in a gown. she came back with my 6 selections, and she took the liberty of pulling a 7th that she thought really fit the description of my ideal wedding dress. that 7th gown wound up being the one i walked down the aisle in! so needless to say, i have quite the soft spot for kirstyn. she’s now a new momma, and she’s taken her entrepreneurial spirit and stylist experience in a new direction as a rockstar lularoe consultant.

in true lula fashion, the madison midi is super cozy. all lularoe pieces are made with super soft jersey material – stretchy in all the right places. this skirt sits perfectly on my waist and swings just enough when i walk. it comes in a billion prints, but i opted for this palm print with an autumn color palette, because i thought it would be a great transition piece for my wardrobe. as you can see in some of the later pictures, it looks great paired solely with a tank during the warmer months! dress it up with a silky blouse if you’re going somewhere special!

in this particular case, i’m in fall fashion mode, so i’ve paired my madison with a utility jacket from target’s who what wear collection. i actually won their ’30k giveaway’ on instagram, so i received this jacket as my prize, and i couldn’t be happier with it! it’s loose-fitting with cool ruffle detailing on the sleeves. absolutely perfect for fall, and way way roomy (for all those turtlenecks i’ll be busting out soon!). i threw in some hot pink accents (like my oliver bilou jade bag) to keep it colorful and feeling true to character.

i’ve linked you to some similar pieces to shop below, but this outfit is really something that speaks for itself. there is indescribable value placed on dressy pieces that are made with comfort in mind – be it shoes or clothing, and lularoe nails it every time. and the beauty of it all? lularoe comes in a wide range of sizes, and the stretchy materials make it super easy to order online without trying anything on. i’ve linked you above, but i’ll link you again: click this link to shop directly through kirstyn’s lularoe facebook page, and mention ‘indigo heights’ for $5 off your first order! you may not realize it, but i’ve just put you all in touch with a stylist who really knows her stuff. you can thank me later. in the meantime, follow me on instagram and stay looped in — another giveaway is coming up this evening! check my feed at 10pm eastern time to find out what the prize will be!

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