new york fashion week look 6

it worked in my favor that my most important day of new york fashion week would be my last. it allowed me to save the most extravagant look for the very end, and i was not disappointed in how it turned out. 

i wore this look to attend the alice + olivia presentation. it’s a tough show to get into, so being selected by their PR team was truly an honor, and i was thrilled to be ‘in the room where it happens’ (as they say in hamilton)! i wanted my look to be reflective of the brand, which i know and love. they have a colorful, bold vibe. they love ruffles, texture & bows. so i took that, and ran.

my skirt (linked below) is from h&m’s luxe “trend” collection. it was a stunner, turned many heads, and was super comfortable at the same damn time. (elastic waistbands are my best friend). at $130, it’s pricy for h&m’s typical costs, but in the grand scheme of things – for such a unique and beautiful piece, it’s totally worth the money. you could wear this to a wedding or an evening event in a heartbeat!

if i were wearing it to a wedding, i likely would pair it with a silky black halter and stilettos, but this is #NYFW, so instead i paired it with a white v-neck blouse from zara with (alice + olivia-approved) oversized bow decals on the sleeves. on my feet, i wore bejeweled satin high-heel ankle boots in midnight blue (also from zara!).

i stuck with the bow theme when it came to my hair, and it was really something special. my good friend and personal hair guru, gina ribando, met me in the morning and – quite literally – created a bow out of my own hair. it was sleek, clean, over the top & made for a serious fashion week statement. many, many thanks to gina for her consistent fabulous work — and for helping me achieve my fashion week vision! i was SO happy with the result.

so there you have it! add some oversized pearls and an interchangeable leather bag strap, and you’ve got my sixth and final new york fashion week look complete and showcased on the blog! which look was your favorite? vote in the comments and stay tuned for more fabulous fall looks coming your way on instagram!

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  1. oh my gosh!!! you look absolutely fabulous! everything about this look from the pops of color to the overall composition is absolutely incredible!! i scrolled through your other fashion week looks, and they were all “wow” looks too, but this one really is a show stealer!

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