new york fashion week look 4

fashion week’s day 4 ensemble is my second favorite one of the bunch. in fact, it could even be tied for first, that’s how much i love it. i went full on boho glam for this one. only at fashion week could i tip my hat (or headwrap, in this case) to hindu culture with a beautiful, intricate bindi as the accessory that tied it all together.

another fabulous zara find, i wore this embroidered tulle tunic dress over a simple orange bodysuit. in “real life” (because fashion week is NOT real life!) i would wear this with a black slip or a black croptop and some leggings — but for added wow factor, i wanted to go bold and bright. the orange worked beautifully. because the dress is busy, i kept the booties and the bag neutral. however on top – there was a party happening.

i wore this faded print headband around my forehead and rocked some tiered tassel earrings that were bright marigold in color. along with the bindi and some stackable rings… it all looked so beautiful and paired flawlessly together! as i mentioned before, these pieces are really easy to tone down. the tunic is a gorgeous statement-maker all on its own, without any crazy bodysuit underneath…. and that head wrap can be worn the way i’m wearing it, or in a more traditional ‘headband’ style. i’ve gone out of my way to really style this look paying cultural homage to the traditions of india. in fact, on my way home that day i stopped in rite aid, and the woman behind the counter (actually from bangladesh) told me how much she loved my outfit and how it reminded her of her country. i thought that was really cool, because that meant i did my job when styling this look.

it also reminds me of the time my friend from college visited india. she asked me what she should wear to take a photo in front of the taj mahal because she didn’t want to look completely like a tourist (think baseball cap & sneakers). i was so flattered that she reached out to me as her resource. i love trying to style myself in very specific aesthetics – be it an era/time period… or a cultural aesthetic…. or the aesthetic of a specific season. sometimes i like to think of dressing up as one big theme party. riding the fine line so you never look like you’re in a costume is the challenge, and if you keep following indigo heights on instagram, i’ll continue to delve into these types of styling habits. do you have questions about niche styling? shoot me a comment below!

photography: @petriephotos


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