new york fashion week look 2

my new york fashion week look number two is a fun one! after a day of athleisure, i decided to wear a skirt next – but i’ll admit, i was still easing slowly into the sequence of my ‘favorite looks of the week’. this was a simple outfit to throw together! 

i wanted to go bold and bright for a day full of shows – but i wasn’t feeling super glamorous, so i stuck to the “urban city street style” vibe i had going on the day before and i paired a fuzzy pink sweater with a red patent leather mini and some combat boots (all from zara!) with a floral purse and a matching beanie. i had major hat-head from the day before, so i was sticking to a bit of a hat theme.

pink and red look so nice together. i actually found photos of a fellow fashion week’er wearing nearly the exact same outfit as me – kid you not! so while it wasn’t the most ingenious plan, i felt cool and comfortable in this look. this is something that’s really easy for anyone to wear, and each piece can be ‘toned down’ with minor switches. if you’re not quite as bold, you might feel way more comfortable wearing the fuzzy top with your favorite pair of jeans or a skirt that’s not so bright. (i actually joked and called myself ‘bloggy spears’ because the red leather reminded me of ‘oops i did it again’…… thoughts on that new nickname?!

follow along on instagram as i recap my first fashion week and shop similar styles below! photos by @banavenuephotog.


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