styling solid swimwear

onepieces were in full swing this summer, and while fall is slowly creeping up on us, it won’t be long before we all (at least the east coast crew) will be looking to jet off to somewhere warm for a long weekend — so put down the pumpkin spice and take notes, because today i’m showing off one simple, solid swimsuit worn in two very different looks/styles! 

this suit is from boohoo, and retails for $20 which is super well-priced for swimwear! it’s cut high on the leg (very “baywatch” of them). this is a super sexy feature, and has me thinking of bright, fun, pops of 80’s realness. so for my first look, i played up those vibes with a topknot, some oversized shades, a bright neon lip, big beaded statement earrings and a blow-up popsicle-shaped pool float. this is a young, carefree, fun, party-girl summertime look. throw on a bandage skirt or a denim mini and you’re ready for the day clubs in vegas. (tao beach, anyone?)

the second look, literally shot the same day, is a makeup-free, all-natural look that gives off serious free people vibes. it’s pretty self explanatory! i kept the earrings because they actually transition really well to a boho style, but i took down the hair (spritzed with some of my favorite beachy waves salt spray) and ditched the shades. showing off those summer freckles and letting the suit speak for itself really transformed the way i wore this piece.

can you believe these two looks were shot just hours apart? which styling do you prefer? follow along on instagram to stay super looped in – and don’t forget: it’s new york fashion week – so the insta stories are bound to be poppin! stay super tuned in for some fun footage coming at ya soon!


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