new dress, old streets

i may have been in the italian countryside, but this dinner-date look was giving off serious barcelona vibes.

our villa is in a town called badolato. it’s fairly modern, beachside, with a few shops and amenities. ‘badolato superiore’ or “upper badolato” as we would call it, is the historically preserved portion of the town. it’s about a 15 minute drive way up to the top of the mountain. when you arrive, the streets get more narrow, the buildings get older, and the culture gets even more rich (if that was at all possible).

we took a ride up to badolato superiore for a dinner date, so i dressed it up with a floral off-the-shoulder maxi dress & some statement earrings from francesca’s. because of the design and the floral style of the print — combined with my notoriously spanish-style topknot, these photos wound up looking like i was vacationing in spain!

i’ve never been, but i would imagine badolato superiore has plenty of similarities. i love this dress because though i was wearing a little bit of a block heel, it really was the perfect length. i’m wearing an extra small. the stretchy waist is a lifesaver, and i’m so thankful that the sizing on this piece was on point. francesca’s is one of my favorite stores to shop at for on-trend, affordable statement pieces — but their stuff runs really big, so i specifically have to look for extra small every time i shop there (and even then sometimes they’re still too long/big). this dress, however, was a serious win.

so much so that i felt a bit overdressed! the people in this part of town (and in badolato in general) are so casual and laid back…. i must have looked like i was attending a wedding! but that didn’t stop me from strutting through one of their busiest streets to get these pics. isn’t badolato pretty?

shop this look below, and follow along on instagram — i’m prepping for new york fashion week, and i’m super excited to share my looks with you all! i’ve got some awesome outfits coming up, for some equally awesome events, and i’ll be covering it all on insta stories, instagram, facebook & the blog! big things are coming! stay super tuned!


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